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After spending years researching air purifiers, mattresses, and infrared saunas, I am comfortable recommending the three brands below. I also agreed to become an affiliate partner with these brands so I earn a percentage of sales completed through the links below. This helps support my business so thank you, and please share the links!



One of the most common questions I'm asked is, "Which air purifier do you use?"

After trying several air purifiers, I finally enjoy peace of mind with my Intellipure air purifiers. Below are key reasons why.

  • It captures smaller particles than a HEPA filter.

  • It removes 99.99% of harmful viruses, fungi, molds, and bacteria. It reduces bioburden and inhibits microorganism growth.

  • It removes gases and odors. For example, this is how effective it is: >90% removal efficiency on Formaldehyde and >95% removal efficiency on Toluene.

  • This technology is currently used in hospitals, medical clean rooms, government buildings, and military applications.

While Intellipure is expensive, detoxing my family's bedrooms and other areas where the kids spend a lot of time is invaluable. However, you can enjoy a 10% discount with coupon code Sophia10.

Click here to purchase: Intellipure.

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When I was trying to understand the best organic mattress to buy for my children, I was willing to pay anything for a safe mattress. But I also wanted to understand what I was getting for my money because there was a range of price points. I ended up dissecting a mattress (not literally) to understand sources of toxicity from mattress components. This is shared in my book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures.

I bought mattresses from a few manufacturers, including Naturepedic. Recently, I recorded a video podcast with the founder of Naturepedic. After this in-depth conversation with Barry, I was excited to become an affiliate partner and recommend Naturepedic mattresses. I’ll be sharing more information about why I feel comfortable recommending Naturepedic. In a nutshell, however, I believe each option is as practically nontoxic as it can be for the price point.

Click here to explore more: Naturepedic


I also spent years researching conflicting (and imperfect) information about infrared saunas. Meanwhile, I also purchased a Sunlighten Infrared Sauna to experience one for myself.

I am proud to be an affiliate partner of Sunlighten as well. Time spent in an infrared sauna has helped me, family, clients, and friends. Benefits that some people have enjoyed include:

  • decreased brain fog

  • relaxation and relief of stress

  • improved sleep quality

  • improved skin complexion

  • healing of skin wounds

  • pain relief

  • lice management