To help people enjoy life with fewer toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation for optimized health and harmony within, and outside of, themselves.

Ruan Living

Ruan Living

Ruan Living is the¬†leading wellness and lifestyle brand that simplifies the complex and overwhelming topic of nontoxic living.¬†With her holistic perspective on our toxic exposures‚ÄĒfrom¬†cleaning products, beauty products, diet, home furnishings, technology, personalities, and mindsets‚ÄĒRuan Living breaks down nontoxic living into easy-to-implement steps.¬†Whether you want to detoxify slowly or aggressively, Ruan Living is here to help.

Ruan's Home Detox Method

For +16 years, Sophia Ruan Gushée, our founder, studied science-based opportunities to minimize an average person's toxic exposures and body burden (the chemical load in our bodies).

At the same time, she applied her toxic exposures expertise into her NYC-busy life as a full-time working mom of three young girls, wife, social entrepreneur, and CEO of her household.

The result?


Sophia's proprietary, science-based, yoga-influenced, LOLA POP detox method is a step-by-step, balanced approach to detoxifying your home and life while protecting your joy and convenience. It applies toxic exposures expertise, yoga, and mindfulness into a family lifestyle.

To practice LOLA POP until your unconscious and subconscious mind adopts it for practical nontoxic living with ease, join our next 40-Day Home Detox, which includes continued support from our D-Tox Academy and A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide To Reducing Our Toxic Exposures.

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