The 40-Day Home Detox Program

30 day home detox adventure

The world is full of toxins.
Your home doesn’t have to be. 

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle and are frustrated by the number of toxicants that seem to hide in everything you buy and do, you’re not alone. It can feel like the more conscious you try to be, the more there is to avoid. And the longer the list gets, the more anxiety you feel.

In an endless wasteland of buzzwords, acronyms, and marketing lingo, who has the time to figure it all out? How can you make smarter, safer shopping decisions while keeping your sanity?

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. The 40-DAY HOME DETOX removes the guesswork and lays out a practical plan for you to deeply detox your home, habits, and mindset in 40-days.


Diet and exercise aren’t the only key pillars of health.

Scientists and medical professionals are increasingly acknowledging the role that toxic exposures play in many modern health issues, like cancer, infertility, autoimmune disorders, and more. With all the time we spend in our homes, detoxing our living spaces and unburdening our immune systems has never been more obviously important. 

+84K chemicals introduced since WW2 and 287 have been found in cord blood

A Cleaner World Awaits.

Imagine coming home to the cleanest environment that's possible for you and your home. Unnecessary chemicals and heavy metals have been removed and you have strategies to counter the effects of what remains. Your home is the safest haven it can practically be for your restoration and healing.

Welcome to the 40-DAY HOME DETOX, a step-by-step, room-by-room program to transform your home into a healing sanctuary.

A Cleaner Home Awaits: Sign up today!


40-Day Home Detox will:

  • Lead you to eliminate up to thousands of chemicals from your home, which can reduce your body burden
  • Endow you with informed commonsense, intuition, and strategies to navigate conflicting information, decode "greenwashing," and avoid toxic exposures
  • Focus on the easiest (but still impactful) changes to make
  • Improve factors that can optimize your immune system, hormonal balance, and overall physical health
  • Prepare your home to become a healing space
  • Teach you to be a savvy conscious consumer
  • Connect you more with your body, its communications with you, and your environments

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Who is this for?


This might be for you if:

  • You try to live sustainably, buy consciously, and cut down on pollution 
  • You want to optimize environmental and lifestyle factors for the healthiest fertility and pregnancy outcome that's possible for you
  • You want to prepare your home to be the healthiest space possible for your children
  • You’re managing health issues like allergies, asthma, brain and cognitive functioning, migraines, fatigue, poor sleep quality, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances, unexplained infertility, precocious puberty, menopause, cancer, or other chronic health concerns.
  • You’re curious about how to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses while minimizing the use of toxic cleaning products

Sophia Ruan Gushée

I’m Sophia Ruan Gushée, author of A to Z of D-Toxing, founder of the wellness brand Ruan Living, and a detox lifestyle expert. But before any of those things, I’m a mom.

My passion for detoxing started in 2007 with the birth of my first daughter. I was on a mission to create the healthiest start possible for her, and was shocked when I learned how many everyday items had toxins that could impact her development — including baby products!

I hunted down the most credible science available and after eight years of systematic research, published my first book A to Z of D-Toxing. I now serve as a nontoxic lifestyle expert and advisor, host of the Practical Nontoxic Living podcast, and guest on television and radio shows, podcasts, panels, and events.

I created the 40-DAY HOME DETOX to give you what I wish I’d had: awareness of Household Repeat Offenders, wisdom on how to avoid the easiest ones to avoid, and practical ways to create the healthiest home possible. We’ll also use the process to nurture your mental clarity, emotional harmony, and physical healing. I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!


As Seen In

What To Expect

The 40-DAY HOME DETOX will transform your home and lifestyle by leading you to apply Sophia's signature method of detoxing chemicals and heavy metals room-by-room, product-by-product.

It features:

Although the program is designed as a comprehensive deep dive over 40 days, you can choose how much time you’d like to take and whether to go all-in for a complete transformation or focus on the things that are most important to you. Either way, a cleaner world awaits.


Learn to decode product labels, assess the toxicity of your cleaning products, and begin the process of finding — or making — safer alternatives.


Explore the hazard levels of your beauty and personal care products so that you can make informed choices —  keep what you love and swap what you don’t.


Gain insights into the wide variety of places where artificial fragrances reside and learn to use fragrance as a filter that avoids many other toxic ingredients in your home.


Identify the products in your home that hide nonstick, stain- and water-resistant, antimicrobial, and fireproof chemicals, then determine what you may want to keep or replace.


Apply the visual cue of color to help eliminate products that may have heavy metals or other toxic ingredients — especially when you have imperfect information.


Enhance your ability to recognize the surprising products that contain  plastic materials or ingredients that contaminate your home and body of toxic chemicals. Learn practical ways to avoid plastics and how to use them safely when you can’t eliminate plastics completely.

Masterclasses To Design Your Nontoxic Life

As part of the final phase of our program, you’ll have the opportunity to craft your new Practical Nontoxic Lifestyle with world-renowned experts. After eliminating toxic products and learning what to avoid, these masterclasses will help you focus on healthier choices, behaviors, and outlooks. Examples of what you'll learn are: 

Your Practical Nontoxic Living Bible

Over 40 days, we'll customize a series of workbooks that will serve as an invaluable resource now and forever. Each package also includes the workbooks as editable PDFs. 


Invest In Your Home, Body, Mind, Planet...

Our Homes.




transform on your own time


40-Day Home Detox Includes:

  • 25+ Videos
  • 6 Masterclasses 
  • 10 Workbooks (editable PDF)
  • Nontoxic Shopping Resources
  • 16 Home Scavenger Hunts
  • Private community forum for inspiration and support 

Digital Access. On Demand.

$1,295 VALUE


personalized guidance


40-Day Home Detox Includes:

  • Two 1:1 Sessions
  • 25+ Videos
  • 6 Masterclasses 
  • 10 Workbooks (editable PDF)
  • Nontoxic Shopping Resources
  • 16 Home Scavenger Hunts 
  • Private community forum for inspiration and support 
  • D-Tox Academy (12-month membership)


$8,234 VALUE


craft your new lifestyle


Personalized Detox Includes:

  • Six 1:1 Sessions to be scheduled at your convenience over six months
  • Customized Ruan Nontoxic Lifestyle Roadmap
  • A to Z of D-Toxing (signed copy) 
  • Ruan Living binder with 10 printed workbooks
  • Cleaning Products Recipe Kit 
  • D-Tox Academy (Lifetime membership)
  • Home Detox Workbook
  • EMF Detox Workbook 

40-Day Home Detox includes:

  • 25+ Videos
  • 16 Home Scavenger Hunts 
  • 6 Masterclasses 
  • 10 Workbooks (editable PDF)
  • Nontoxic Shopping Resources
  • Private community forum for inspiration and support 


$21,120 VALUE



Limited Capacity

*Capacity for Dive and Bespoke experiences is extremely limited. Learn more by emailing [email protected]

We want you to feel as good about this program as you do about coming home to a clean house. If you’re not completely satisfied 7 days after you begin your 40-day journey, Ruan Living will provide a 100% REFUND. 

Nontoxic Lifestyle Bonuses

In addition to the core elements of the 40-DAY HOME DETOX,
you can select a package that includes membership at the robust D-Tox Academy. Examples of what you can enjoy at the D-Tox Academy are below.

A TO Z OF D-TOXING — Receive a signed copy of Sophia's first book.


CLEANING PRODUCTS RECIPE KIT — Access DIY recipe cards and labels to use for nontoxic cleaning.


INNOVATORS OF WELLNESS  Be inspired by this 10-part video series with leading wellness experts like Dr. Frank Lipman (NY Times bestselling author), Melanie Whelan (former CEO of SoulCycle), Melisse Gelula (co-founder of Well+Good), and more.


EMF DETOX VIDEO LIBRARY — Learn easy ways to detox your home and habits of radiation from your wired and wireless technology.


HOME DETOX WORKBOOK  Enjoy checklists to help you detox chemicals and heavy metals from your indoor air, dust, water, and sleep.


EMF DETOX WORKBOOK  Enjoy checklists to help you avoid wireless and wired radiation from your technology habits.


PRINTED MATERIALS  Receive leather-bound printed binder of 10 detox workbooks, as well as printed copies of the Home Detox workbook and EMF Detox Workbook.


Deep Dive With Sophia

If you would like a personalized detox experience, then the Bespoke packages could be for you. Highlights of what you will enjoy:

  • Private 1:1 sessions with Sophia Ruan Gushée
  • Assessment and goal-setting
  • Sophia's help with identifying safer products
  • Post-program check-in to ensure lasting changes
  • Lifestyle design
  • Follow a customized nontoxic living roadmap with on-going support
  • Optional: If you would like biotoxicity tests to measure your urine for some of the most common endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our products, then we can direct you to a third-party service provider from which you would purchase them. Sophia would then further customize your detox experience with the results from the urine analysis. 



Make Your Home a Healing Space

Join a room-by-room journey to eliminate the chemicals and heavy metals that may be secretly harming your health.


Eliminate toxic chemicals from your home!



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