Rave reviews from clients, readers, and audiences from Sophia's offerings as a Nontoxic Lifestyle Expert



Sophia's science-based approach to editing your home, purchases, and lifestyle can optimize epigenetic factors while also protecting the beauty, joy, and conveniences of modern life.

"Sophia is one of the most passionate individuals I have encountered. Her true commitment to health and wellness is refreshing. Sophia is an expert on nontoxic home and lifestyle solutions to optimize how you live and feel. Sophia is commendable in that she started this journey after becoming a mother with the well-being of the next generation in mind. I can relate to Sophia on many levels as a mom, entrepreneur, New Yorker and lover of clean living. Sophia's diligence and plethora of well-researched information is a gold mine to optimizing your lifestyle and incorporating creative techniques and resources into your home."

Creator of Ariana Ost, a design atelier whose mission is to elevate the everyday and celebrate life’s simple moments in style

"This well informed offering that Sophia gives us helps to bring awareness to issues we may not collectively be able to feel the effects of yet but will be a forefront of wellness in the years to come, and because of that I say she is ahead of her time."

Founder of Space by Mama Medicine & Author of Ritual Baths

"Sophia is a breath of life. Dealing with chronic migraines, brain fog, and other sensitivities, Sophia helped me break down the vast array of elements polluting my environment. Through a series of changes, some big and some small, I was able to create a much more clean and toxic free environment. The changes have improved my symptoms substantially, and I am forever grateful to Sophia. With her help, I have been able to resume a more balanced life and her tips have positively influenced not only my personal life, but I have also incorporated many of these practices into my professional life."

Real Estate Broker, New York City

"I had such an amazing experience meeting Sophia and having her share her wealth of knowledge about detoxifying my environment in preparation for my first baby coming in July. I was amazed of the little changes she suggested that can make a big healthy lifestyle difference.""


"I was lucky to have a consultation with Sophia right after my lung cancer diagnosis and surgery. She helped detoxify my home so I could heal. I will forever be thankful for her guidance and expertise."

Board member of Lung Cancer Research Foundation


Sophia's books on practical nontoxic living are the perfect start to your nontoxic journey, as a compliment to her concierge detox offerings, or a gift for the mindful consumer in your life.

"Sophia Ruan Gushée's A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures is exactly that: a comprehensive guide to common household products that may harbor dangerous chemicals and toxins hidden in their ingredients. Her in-depth research makes this book a helpful, easy-to-read manual for any head of household concerned with reducing toxins in everyday life."

Leader in Functional Medicine
New York Times bestselling author of several books including The New Rules of Aging Well

"Sophia Gushée is a leader and refreshing voice in the environmental health and wellness community. A to Z of D-Toxing is the new bible, setting a new standard for families wanting to take a deep dive into optimal wellbeing providing the very best for their children and protecting them from toxic exposures. Gushée uses an educational rather than punitive approach to disseminating the information in the book. A to Z of D-Toxing should be required reading for expectant and new parents."

Maternity Lifestyle Maven, Founder of Mama Glow

"I usually approach lay writing about detoxifying with skepticism, expecting alarmist rhetoric. Sophia's [A to Z of D-Toxing], however, is just the opposite. It is fact-based, filled with common sense, and completely readable! I absolutely recommend her work as a starting place for anyone trying to get healthy by getting a handle on the lifestvle and environmental factors that we can control in our busy lives."

Brown University School of Public Health

"It is not easy for women's hormones these days and one of the biggest culprits stems from exposure to endocrine disruptive chemicals. It can feel overwhelming on how to get started, but Sophia's new Home Detox Workbook is a fantastic and practical tool to make this so easy to do!  In a series of concise checklists, you will work quickly through each aspect of your environment and detox your home and your health.  It's a must-have guide."

Founder of & Author of WomanCode and In the FLO

"I am truly impressed with Sophia Gushée's [A to Z of D-Toxing] and it is an unbelievable resource. In our quest for healthier lives through preventative medicine with diet and exercise, we have forgotten the potential hazards lurking in common products all around us. This well researched and scholarly work is one that I know I will turn to often in my clinical practice."

NewYork-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical Center,
Rated one of New York's Best Doctors

"A to Z of D-Toxing is a veritable encyclopedia regarding the nature of the substances with which we interact everyday - in our homes, our food, our drinks, our childrens' products, and much more. Turn to this book to learn valuable details about how you can keep your home, your body and your family educated and safe. Thank you Sophia, for creating this invaluable resource."

Author of Art of Attention and Practice You; founder of

"Sophia Ruan Gushée has provided a great and useful book. It is a very readable but very scientifically accurate account of toxins in common products we all use almost every day, with appropriate information on how we can reduce our exposures to ourselves and especially to our children. The chemicals of concern are identified and their presence in everything from shampoos to foods to furniture is reported, including ways by which one can avoid excessive exposure."

University of Albany School of Public Health
Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment

"Home Detox Workbook is a practical, valuable guide to increasing the health of your sacred personal living space, which is critical to elevating your total overall wellness."

New York Times bestselling author of Recipes for Your Perfectly Imperfect Life and host of the Feel Good podcast

"As consumers, parents, occupants of a stressed planet, many of us seek information and strategies to reduce our exposure to toxins and those that are introduced into the environment. This book is a timely and invaluable resource for all. I urge you to keep it within reach and consult it often."

Oberlin College
Dean of Arts and Science, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

"As the leader of a global fitness brand, and a father of two young kids, healthy living is top of mind, always. If you’re worried about how technology and toxins are affecting your family, Sophia Ruan Gushée’s Detox Deep Dive series provides the tools and solutions you need. Her Home Detox Workbook shares simple ways to enjoy life with fewer toxic chemicals and heavy metals, and her EMF Detox Workbook is a must-read as it empowers us with practical strategies to reduce radiation exposure from our technology. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"

CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp

"Sophia has helped me understand so much about what ‘wellness’ really means and how important it is to apply it to our homes. This Home Detox Workbook makes the process of detoxing your space accessible and enjoyable. Everyone can benefit in some way from reading and implementing Sophia’s wisdom in their home."

Author Of Burning Bright & Host Of Magik Vibes podcast

"I just finished reading the Home Detox Workbook. I love how the steps are organized and easy to follow. This is such a valuable resource, I can’t wait to recommend it to all my clients."

Healthy Dwellings
Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant


Sophia's online EMF Detox program at the D-Tox Academy or her EMF Detox Workbook can help you detox stressful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from your home and habits. They can help you establish a healthy relationship with technology.

"Sophia Ruan Gushée’s EMF Detox Workbook has done the world a great favor by providing an invaluable resource. Detailing how to enjoy technology and stay safer, this guide provides clear, compelling, concise, and practical strategies to avoid or lessen exposures. Buy, use, and share this workbook with your family, friends, colleagues, and schools. They will thank you."

Founder and President of Environmental Health Trust
Nobel Peace Prize winner with honorable Al Gore
National Book Award finalist 

"As a mother of young children, I needed help understanding the products we use within our home and on our bodies. This Home Detox Workbook is an exceptional guide for anyone looking for a quick cheat sheet of tangible changes for a healthier home...

Sophia’s EMF Detox Workbook is practical and user-friendly. As a busy mom, it gave me a quick overview and education of risks and hot spots that exist within our home. I found the tips and suggestions easy to incorporate and helped reduce a lot of stress and anxiety I had about wanting to minimize our family’s exposure to EMFs but not knowing where to start. An outstanding guide for anyone looking to make tangible changes with minimal disruption and stress."

Co-Founder & President, DHPS Foundation, serving those with rare genetic disorders

"Often, simple, cost-free, mindful changes to our daily habits and how we use our electrical devices can produce many noticeable benefits. If you follow the steps of Sophia Ruan Gushée's EMF Detox Workbook, with a calm and persistent plan, you may notice results within weeks, if not sooner."

Founder of Elexana, LLC, a leading provider of electromagnetic solutions

"When I signed up for the 21-Day Digital Detox program, I wasn't sure what I got myself into as I thought that I would have to limit my access to electronics during the program. It turns out that the program provides easy to do' action steps to reduce exposures to EMFs as Sophia breaks the program down into small chunks of information and actionable items. I engaged my 2 boys (age 14 and 9) in the program each day they looked forward to learning more. We gained so much awareness about EMFs throughout the program and we've made some changes to reduce our exposures to EMFs.

I'm so grateful for Sophia for creating this program and I highly recommend it to anyone who cares about their health and the health of their loved ones."

Founder of Nurture with Nita, Path to Fertility and Beyond


A sought-after speaker, Sophia's unique insight and knowledge on the importance of reducing hidden toxins in our home & lifestyle—and her practical, convenient tips—help every listener. She is the perfect speaker for forward-thinking organizations.

"Corcoran Sunshine had the pleasure of hosting Sophia to speak to an audience of 100 real estate and design professionals. As an expert on non-toxic design, Sophia imparted thoughtful insights that have impacted the way we engage with our homes. Sophia’s engaging presentation offered relatable and practical tips that could be implemented immediately, and she was instrumental to making our event a success. We look forward to engaging Sophia in future speaking opportunities on this important topic!"

Corcoran Sunshine

"We invited Sophia to come speak with our employees on detoxing because we know it’s a topic that’s top-of-mind for many. Her session was informative and engaging, and helped provide perspective and practical tips on how easily we can all choose to live non-toxic lifestyles. I would highly recommend Sophia for anyone who wants to learn more about your toxic exposures and how to deal with them."

Chair of the Mindfulness Network

"Sophia was an excellent speaker at our event! She was nothing but professional, well-prepared, and extremely knowledgeable, which is hard to find! Her unique perspective added so much value on our panel and complemented our other speakers perfectly. She was eloquent and so well received by our audience. We can't recommend Sophia more. Any event would be lucky to have her!"

Co-founders of Say Hello Wellness


After reading A to Z of D-Toxing, I began charging my phone on a dresser across the room instead of on my bedside table. Whereas before the change, I woke at frequent intervals throughout the night, now I sleep more peacefully the whole night through.

Anna Knoebel

Mother of 2

Anna Knoebel

Mother of 2

I never thought I could put my phone on airplane mode, because I'm in the habit of sifting through all the notifications when I wake up—for news, and especially for work. But after being challenged to do so, I found I was able to sleep more soundly, and it turns out I don't miss reading notifications first thing in the morning! If I can do it, anyone can.

Matthew Tallarico

Tech Enthusiast

Matthew Tallarico

Tech Enthusiast

Learning how to avoid toxic exposures through Sophia's practical d-tox method has been invaluable! Sophia's advice has helped me reduce chronic health symptoms that I've experienced for decades, such as daily head- and stomach- aches, and skin irritations. I'm grateful that this d-tox strategy gave me more control over my health! Thank you, Sophia!

Ashley S. Cooke


Ashley S. Cooke


Though I've had many discussions with friends regarding the benefits of removing electronics from the bedroom for a better night's sleep, it's not until recently that I finally decided to test it out. I started by simply turning my cell phone (which is always on my night table when I sleep) on airplane mode. That night I had the deepest, most restorative sleep I'd had in years! The difference in my quality of sleep was unmistakable. The experiment also brought awareness to the fact that I hadn't been sleeping well all this time.


Mother of 2


Mother of 2

Sophia's Detox Your EMFs program is a great step-by-step guide. It's so well researched with lots of practical tips on how to protect yourself and
your family.

I loved each day's video. The daily checklists got me thinking about
real-life practicalities. One big change we made is to have our Wi-Fi router on a timer. Now it switches off at night, giving us less exposure to EMFs while catching that all-important deep restorative sleep. The extra video links were very interesting and insightful. The one on electromagnetic hypersensitivity was invaluable. It helped convince my engineer husband!

I highly recommend the course.

My daughter has developed a very debilitating sensitivity to EMF radiation
I have read the section on EMFs in your excellent book A to Z of D-Toxing. The book's a great source of very valuable information. I am very impressed and grateful to you for having put this out.





I have done 7 days of having my phone on airplane mode while I sleep. It definitely allows me to sleep better. I'm not a great sleeper anyway, so I'll take all the help I can get!





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