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Edit your home, habits, and body to hack your toxic exposure for a healthy home and clean living. The D-Tox Academy is here to help you detox your home by swapping conventional products for clean living products. 

Enhance your healthy living efforts by learning how to eliminate chemicals from your life through what you buy, own, and do. Small detox tweaks can lead you towards a practical clean living lifestyle!

Toxic exposure is as important a pillar of health as diet and exercise. But it's often overlooked and hard to figure out.

The D-Tox Academy is here to save you time and stress. By joining, you'll access Sophia's brands and products, which she has selected after applying 15 years of research into her hectic life as a wife, mom of three, and passionate social entrepreneur.

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Detox Your Home, Habits, and Body

The safest way to detox chemicals, heavy metals, and EMFs from your body and brain is to reduce your toxic exposure! However, this is overwhelming and confusing to figure out. So don't struggle alone: Enjoy support and guidance with the D-Tox Academy as you pursue clean living.



Detox 101 will teach you the foundations for a sustainable practical nontoxic lifestyle mindset. You will also learn to approach this lifestyle as an elimination diet of toxic exposures.



Home Detox 101 focuses on the budget-friendly essentials to detox your home's air, water, dust, hands, and sleep. When your home is healthier, so are the bodies of those who spend time in it. 



Created to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which are generated from wireless and wired technologies, EMF Detox will guide you to create energetic boundaries from your technologies. The benefits from this program extend beyond the physical to include social, emotional, and spiritual benefits too. 



Cleaning Detox will help you learn about the safety of your current cleaning products, how to find safer alternatives, which cleaning products Sophia uses, and how to use them. 



As you learn how to eliminate chemicals and heavy metals from your beauty and personal care products, learn how to cultivate a natural, practical nontoxic, healing self-care approach as well.



Sophia researches every household product that she can—including pantry staples and other diet ingredients. Learn which products are less toxic.



Interior Design Detox will help you furnish your home with healthier carpets, rugs, window treatments, upholstered furniture (like sofas and chairs), mattresses, paints, wallpaper, and more.

Private Forum

Sophia will host live monthly Q&A sessions. Ask questions and learn from others!


The D-Tox Academy membership includes replays of empowering workshops and other resources. Below are examples of how the D-Tox Academy can bolster clean living through multiple approaches. Just pick whichever one feels easiest or most interesting right now. You can click on the images to learn more.

Forever Chemicals Detox

Eliminate PFAS, or Forever chemicals, from your home, diet, skin, and hormones.

Innovators of Wellness

Listen to insightful, thoughtful conversations with some of the leading innovators of wellness. This distinctive and exquisite event took place in May 2017 in the late Zaha Hadid's first residential building in Manhattan.ct.

Nontoxic Cleaning Starter

Get started with the most practical nontoxic cleaning approach. This starter kit includes a one-hour workshop, cleaning guide, and nontoxic cleaning recipe cards to post around your home.

Home Detox Workbook series

This three-hour workshop perfectly complements the Home Detox Workbook (a PDF is included in your membership). You will learn fascinating, relevant information that will inspire and empower you to detox your home's air, dust, hands, water, and sleep.

Ruan Powwows

Upcoming Powwows can be seen below. The theme in January 2023 is to detox your diet. Replays of past Powwows are available in your online detox library. 40-Day Home Detox members access Sophia through a weekly Ruan Powwow.


Don't wait another day to eliminate toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and EMFs from your home, body, and mind. Clean living awaits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Essential Detox Premium membership provides you access to detox workshops that address key pillars of your lifestyle: home, electromagnetic fields from your technologies, cleaning products, beauty and personal care products, foods, beverages, and other items that contaminate your diet, interior furnishings, and more!

The D-Tox Academy includes videos, checklists, monthly workshops and Q&A sessions, monthly product recommendations, and a private online community.

You'll learn small detox tweaks that can transform.

With this monthly membership, there are no trial periods or refunds. But you can cancel anytime!


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