Sophia frequently speaks about practical nontoxic living. She is also engaged to host events and craft experiences.

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Upcoming Events


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Doctor Oz Show  In March 2016, Sophia appeared on the Doctor Oz Show. She shared her advice for healthy shopping at the Dollar Store. Click here to  watch Sophia on Dr. Oz !


Sophia was invited on the Doctor Oz Show to share her advice for healthy shopping at the Dollar Store. Click here to watch Sophia on Dr. Oz!


Well + Good Talk

Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well+Good and author of Well+Good: 100 Healthy Recipes + Expert Advice for Better Living, led a book club discussion with Drew Ramsey, MD, Columbia affiliated psychiatrist, brain foods expert, farmer, and author; Seamus Mullen, award-winning New York chef, cookbook author, and health and wellness expert; Molly (Rieger) Knauer, MS, RD, founder of Molly's Best and nutrition director of Daily Goods, and Sophia Gushee, founder of the D-Tox Academy and author of A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures.

This Q&A and book signing reception was held at Moët Hennessy USA in Manhattan in June 2019.



Sophia was invited to speak on a panel at the beautiful California Closets retail location in Tribeca in Manhattan, NY.


Hello wellness’ nontoxic living panel

HelloWellness gathered their favorite experts for a panel all about "Non-Toxic Living." Join us! You’ll get tons of tips on how to transition to a non-toxic, low-waste lifestyle... everything from what to look for on nutrition labels, how to cook clean in the kitchen, and making sure your beauty products and skincare routine are safe. 

photo credit: Elena Mudd

photo credit: Elena Mudd

photo credit: Elena Mudd

photo credit: Elena Mudd

fast company & well+Good

Sophia was invited to co-present on the benefits of incorporating plants into our living and work spaces. This Fast Company event was held at the headquarters of Well+Good in Manhattan.



Sophia was invited by Corcoran Sunshine to join her husband, Greg Gushée, in an interview by Cristina Cuomo, Founder and Editor of Purist magazine


Brown University Club in NY

Sophia was invited to share her unique journey as an entrepreneur, and her perspective on the state and future of the $ 3.7 billion health and wellness industry.


Rituals of Relaxation

In October 2017, Sophia joined fellow pioneers in wellness to share rituals of relaxation and self-care. This event was held at Saks Wellery at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.


Facebook Live

Sophia was invited to lead a Facebook Live segment for ELLE Magazine. ELLE wanted to feature Sophia's approachable and practical tips to detox your workout and gym bag. Click here to watch: Sophia Gushée on Facebook Live for ELLE Magazine.

Al Gore and Sophia Ruan Gushee-min.jpg

Vice President Al gore

Sophia was honored to share A to Z of D-Toxing with Vice President Al Gore.



Sophia was invited to speak on a panel at Deepak Homebase at ABC Home in Manhattan about living motherhood with authenticity.


Why your home is about to be the hottest wellness destination

Sophia was invited by Well+Good to discuss the opportunity of transforming your home into a healthy safe haven.

Detox-Global-Summit-Sophia-Ruan-Gushee-EMF-Detox-Mercola (1).jpg

detox global summit

2019 January 28- February 1: Enjoy online access to 20+ detox experts, including Sophia Ruan Gushee and Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Register now for free: click here



Sophia was engaged to empower Gilda's community—a community that supports people with cancer, their families and friends—with simple ways to hack their toxic exposures from what they buy and do.


Well+Good Talk

Sophia was engaged to share her healthy home expertise to a full audience at a Well+Good Talk. This event was held at the gorgeous Assemblage in Manhattan.


Well+Good Council Member Launch

In September 2017, Sophia became a member of the exclusive Well+Good Council. The launch party took place at the gorgeous Deepak Homebase at ABC Home in Manhattan. Sophia is Well+Good's healthy home and clean living guru.

Detox Your Beauty Routine with PureWow

Sophia was invited into the PureWow office in Manhattan. She met with Senior Beauty Editor, Jenny Jin, to share tips to detox your beauty routine. Click here to watch the Facebook Live segment.

Sophia-Ruan-Gushee-on-Clean-Green-EMFs-as-a-new-type-of-air-pollution (1).jpg

clean green talk

Sophia discusses how you can clean your home of a new type of air pollution: EMFs. Click here to learn more.


21st century health care & the future of public health & entrepreneurship

Sophia was invited by Brown University's School of Public Health and the Innovation for Health Student Club to share how she is pursuing her public health passions.


Wellness & Sustainability for Your Indoor Environment

Sophia was invited by Corcoran Sunshine to speak at Hudson Yards in Manhattan. She shared her expertise on how to create a healthier indoor environment. 


Innovators of Wellness

In May 2017, Sophia created and hosted an exclusive event, Innovators of Wellness at the late Zaha Hadid's 520 W28th Street building in Manhattan. Sophia curated pioneers in wellness to speak about overlooked pillars of health: sleep, diet myths, gut health, the opportunity for exercise to liberate and elevate our souls, the importance of indoor air quality, and how our homes can influence our health. 


Well and Good Council Launch Party

Sophia was invited to join the exclusive Well+Good Council.


Be Well Podcast with Dr. Frank Lipman

Dr. Lipman invited Sophia to share her nontoxic lifestyle insights on his podcast Be Well.

Dr. Frank Lipman is a widely recognized leader in functional and integrative medicine, as well as a New York Times best-selling author of five books. 

Click here to listen.


Feel Good Podcast

Sophia was invited by Kimberly Snyder, a multi-time New York Times bestselling author, to share her nontoxic living expertise on Kimberly’s podcast.


Is Your Furniture Poisoning Your Family?

In October 2016, Sophia was invited by the Sustainable Furnishings Council to lead a workshop about detoxing our furniture. She provided a science-based overview as well as practical considerations and tips to make healthier choices.