Interested in which products Sophia buys for her and her family? This page shares her household staples as well as recommended items by experts that Sophia has interviewed.

Air Filtration

One of the most common questions that Sophia is asked is, Which air purifier do you use? Click below to learn which air purifier Sophia selected for her family.


Ruan Living's Curated Amazon Store

In addition to the items below, check out the Ruan Living curated Amazon store, which includes household staples that Sophia orders from Amazon as well as recommended items from experts that Sophia has interviewed (including for her Practical Nontoxic Living podcast).
Click here for her curated Amazon store.


Kitchen Staples

Learn which practical nontoxic supplies Sophia stocks in her kitchen.



Check out books that Sophia has curated. You'll find books by authors that she has interviewed for her
Practical Nontoxic Living podcast or other events. You'll also see Sophia's  
A to Z of D-Toxing:
The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures and Detox Deep Dive workbooks. 


Special Offers

Sophia likes to research her purchases more than your average person. Included in her research are interviews of founders of companies that produce products that she's interested in. If she feels comfortable with what she's learned and experienced, then she will recommend them on this page. Please note that many of these links are affiliate links that allow Ruan Living to earn an affiliate fee.

Dry Farm Wines

Fascinated by her interview of Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines— which laboratory tests its wines for 76 additives commonly used in wine as well as added sugars, added alcohol, and mold—Sophia has become a loyal fan!

Click here to try a natural wine for 1¢: Dry Farm Wines.

Listen to Todd on Practical Nontoxic Living podcast #31.

Listen to Todd on Podcast #31

Nontoxic Deodorant & Dry Shampoo

 After interviewing Bethany McDaniel, founder of Primally Pure, and trying Primally Pure products, Sophia became a fan. She loves Primally Pure's dry shampoo and deodorants.

 Use discount code RUANLIVING for 10% off your entire first purchase with Primally Pure.

Learn about Bethany's skin issues and healing on Practical Nontoxic Living podcast #36.

Listen to Bethany on Podcast #36

Defender Shield

Sophia found Daniel DeBaun, former telecom engineer and executive and founder of DefenderShield, to be exceptionally well-informed about radiation from our technology and EMF (electromagnetic fields) protection products. 

To enjoy a special 20% discount from DefenderShield products, use coupon code: nontoxicliving20

Listen to Sophia's immensely informative conversations with Daniel on Practical Nontoxic Living podcast episodes 17 and 44.

Listen to episodes #17 and #44

Milk Cleanse

Intrigued after learning how this milk cleanse helped several tick-borne illnesses and other chronic health issues of Jody Levy, founder of the LabElymental Milk Cleanse, Sophia tried the LabElymental Milk Cleanse and loved it.

Enjoy 10% off with code RUANLIVING at LabElymental.

Hear Jody's health journey on Practical Nontoxic Living podcast #43.

Listen to Jody on Podcast #43

Shiva Rose Beauty Pearl Milk Cleanser

Shiva Rose is generously offering you a unique 15% discount code on her gentle and nourishing Pearl Cleanser. Enjoy 15% off The Pearl Cleanser with code: SOPHIA

Click here for the Shiva Rose Beauty Pearl Milk Cleanser.  

Listen to Shiva on Practical Nontoxic Living podcast #37.

Listen to Shiva on Podcast #37

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