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What's the deal?

  •  What is a digital detox? How to do a digital detox? In our Ruan Living #DigitalDetoxChallenge, digital detoxing is a mini EMF detox. We want you to reduce EMF exposure with one simple change: Before you sleep, use your cell phone's Airplane Mode feature to disable your WiFi, Bluetooth, and Cellular emissions.
  • For 5 nights, we challenge you to put your phone on "Airplane Mode" before you go to sleep.
  • We'll help keep you on track by sending you 1 email per day.
  • You'll also receive 1 new sleep hack per email. This will encourage deep, restorative sleep, which will take your whole life to the next level.
  • Learn passively. This is a gentle public awareness campaign about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless technologies, and how easy it can be to reduce EMF exposure.
  • Help this public awareness campaign through social media & tag your loved ones. Use the hashtag #DigitalDetoxChallenge to share this free EMF detox.

By the end of this mini EMF detox, you'll have experienced the best way to protect from EMF and how to detox your body from EMF—which is to reduce EMF exposure at home and from nearby devices whose wireless connections you don't always need. 


Become a part of the digital revolution today.

Learn how to detox EMF from your sleep, and see if you feel better!

""After reading A to Z of D-Toxing, I began charging my phone on a dresser across the room instead of on my bedside table. Whereas before the change, I woke at frequent intervals throughout the night, now I sleep more peacefully the whole night through.""

Anna Knoebel
Mother of Two

""Though I've had many discussions with friends regarding the benefits of removing electronics from the bedroom for a better night's sleep, it's not until recently that I finally decided to test it out. I started by simply turning my cell phone (which is always on my night table when I sleep) on airplane mode. That night I had the deepest, most restorative sleep I'd had in years! The difference in my quality of sleep was unmistakable. The experiment also brought awareness to the fact that I hadn't been sleeping well all this time.""

Michelle Choo
Mother of Two

""I never thought I could put my phone on airplane mode, because I'm in the habit of sifting through all the notifications when I wake up-- for news, and especially for work. But after being challenged to do so, I found I was able to sleep more soundly, and it turns out I don't miss reading notifications first thing in the morning! If I can do it, anyone can.""

Matthew Tallarico
Tech Enthusiast



for this mini EMF detox



  1. Disconnect. Disengage from anxiety-producing news, stressful work emails, and social drama—which are usually all at our fingertips throughout our days and nights. Detox EMF. Give your mind and soul a break.
  2. Heal & Restore. Our smart technology often disrupts our sleep quality. By joining the Airplane Mode Challenge, you're giving your body and brain an EMF radiation detox, providing them with a higher-quality opportunity to do what it does best: heal itself. 
  3. Be Ahead of the Curve. A growing body of evidence shows that cell phone and wifi radiation—even at our average exposure levels—can harm our health. In fact, many other countries  have set regulations to protect citizens—especially children—from electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Detox EMF. Listen to the scientific evidence and reduce EMF in home.
  4. Optimize Your Productivity.  Research shows that a well-rested employee is a better employee. Poor sleep is linked to lower cognition. When the body is in a deep sleep, your brain flushes out toxins that build up during waking hours. Restorative sleep can improve your energy level during the day—making it easier to rise and approach your day with a clear head and a positive mood. This mini EMF detox might optimize your sleep quality, and then your productivity.
  5. Enhance Your Appearance.  Poor sleep can cause premature aging—including fine lines, dark circles under eyes, and the breakdown of collagen in the body. In addition, poor sleep has been linked to weight gain and obesity. High-quality sleep can do wonders for the skin—secreting a growth hormone that helps repair body tissues like muscle and bone, also increasing cell production, collagen production, and slowing down the breakdown of proteins (which repair damage from stress and UV rays). In other words, enjoy the biological benefits of "beauty sleep!" Explore whether this EMF detox improve your sleep quality and hence your complexion.

Still curious? Listen to Sophia's podcast with Dr. Hugh Taylor of Yale School of Medicine. He found that prenatal exposures to cell phone radiation in mice caused hyperactivity in the exposed offspring, and altered the structure of the brain permanently. Click: Dr. Hugh Taylor and Sophia Ruan Gushee discuss how toxic exposures may affect reproductive health.


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