What You Need To Know About EMF Protection Products

emf emf protection Jan 02, 2017

by editorial team


If you're reading this article, then you're already aware of the negative effects that EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures can have on your health and well-being. The question is, can you protect yourself with EMF sensitivity protection products?

The first part of this article highlights different types of electromagnetic sensitivity protection products that claim to neutralize EMF exposure without blocking it out entirely.

The second part reviews products that claim to physically shield, or block, EMFs. This article aims to help you decide if any of these types of EMF toxicity reduction products may be right for you.


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I. EMF "neutralizing" gadgets: What are they and do they actually work?

EMF "neutralizing" devices claim to help protect you against EMFs without physically blocking them entirely. There is no proof that these products for EMF protection for cell phones work, and online reviews are mixed. Below are a few examples.

Cellphone Chips

Image: Amazon (1)

EMF protection cell phone chips are a small chip that you can stick on your cell phone that claim to harmonize or alter the nature of the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emitted to make it more tolerable to the human body. Sometimes unplugging from technology can help in addition to chips.



Image: Boomsbeat (2)

Neutralizers are chips made of a micro-thin layer of rare earth elements. They can be applied to many electronic devices that emit various levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) or electromagnetic radiation (EMR). You may also want to consider doing an effective technology cleanse in addition to researching these types of products.


Image: Amazon (3)

Diodes are a two-terminal electronic component that can be attached to computers, printers, fax machines, monitors, microwave ovens, TV sets, and more, to alter/neutralize harmful EMF's into a more harmonious energy that will not harm or affect the polarities (energies) of the human body. In some cases using less technology can also be beneficial for people who have sensitivities.


Image: Amazon (4)

This EMF protection jewelry, worn around the neck, reportedly protects against electro pollution from cell phones and devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The claim is that they help the body balance itself and enter a more natural state.


Image: Merlin's Realm (5)

This EMF protection necklace is made with copper, clear quartz, a Herkimer diamond, and two neodymium magnets. These amulets reportedly drain and break dense and unwanted energy, providing precise energetic healing/cleansing pain relief. Some claim that they have noticeable effects on hip/joint pain, tense muscles, swelling and minor headaches.

Do EMF "neutralizing" products work?

There are hundreds of these EMF protection products on the market and caution should be taken when deciding which, if any, is best for you. Consider that some testimonials are from people who were paid to give positive testimonials.

Also, beware that there are fake EMF protection products, which makes it even harder to find the best EMF protection products that may work. Further, some retailers claim research that may not be valid. Be skeptical about generic studies.

For some people, these gadgets may work. For some, they may also benefit from a placebo effect. People who buy these products may attribute improvements of their symptoms to their high hopes about the gadget working. When considering what's right for you, it helps to know the aforementioned possibilities.

Can the effectiveness of EMF "neutralizing" products be measured?

Unfortunately, measuring with an EMF meter or similar will tell you nothing. 


II. Conventional EMF protection products: physical protection

If testing a conventional EMF protection product, you can use an EMF meter to measure EMFs before and after the use of the conventional EMF protection product. This ability to measure EMFs helps reduce EMF exposures and measure benefits. This is something that cannot be done with EMF "neutralizing" gadgets. Below are some examples of EMF protection products that provide a physical barrier to EMFs.


Image: Amazon (6)

Electromagnetic shields help block EMFs with barriers made of conductive or magnetic materials. EMF shields can block EMFs from phones, routers, or any other appliances. You can use these materials to wrap or cover the devices to greatly reduce magnetic field emissions.

Examples of EMF shield products include:

  • Shielding Paint
  • Keyboard Shield
  • Computer Monitor Shield
  • Desktop Shield

Remote Devices

Image: Amazon (7)

These are devices which are connected to the computer (or other device) through the USB port. The main idea is that you can dramatically reduce EMF exposure from your laptop or PC by simply increasing your distance from it.

Examples of remote devices include:

  • Remote keyboard
  • Remote mouse

Radiation Cages

Image Source: Amazon (8)

These EMF protection products are designed like a cage and are used to cover the router or the sides and back of a computer screen to reduce EMF emissions. They permit only a fraction of the RF radiation to penetrate, resulting in a reduction of exposure up to 90-99%. 

Examples of radiation cages include:

  • Computer Cage
  • Router Cage
  • Monitor Cage

Shielding Fabrics

Image Source: Amazon (9)

Shielding fabrics are designed to cover your body, bed or electronic devices. You can use them to shield windows and walls, line hats and clothing or drape them over the bed. These fabrics will soften the EMF signal, but usually do not completely block it. It is beneficial to make sure the electronics that you are not using are unplugged when sleeping.

Examples of shielding fabrics include:

  • Keyboard Shield Fabric
  • Wifi Radiation Shield Bed Canopy
  • Shielding Pouch for Wi-Fi Routers
  • Wifi Shielding Apron

Are These Devices Dangerous?

The devices themselves are not dangerous. However, danger may arise if a user assumes the device is working so well that the user increases the use of EMF technologies. This rise in use will increase EMF exposures. Some people like to use technology in shifts. You can unplug and reconnect later rather than keeping them electronics on at all times.

A second potential risk: A shielded area can create a Faraday cage effect, and use of wireless devices within the Faraday cage would intensify your EMF exposures if you are within this area. For example, if you shield your sleep area, either with shielding paint on your walls or shielding fabric around your bed, then this is a version of a Faraday cage, which is an impenetrable barrier. The good thing is that exterior radiation waves won't enter the Faraday cage, but an EMF device emitting waves within a "Faraday cage" can provide stronger EMF exposures.

Cars act like Faraday cages due to their metal bodies. Even a cellphone with a shield can divert a wave only so far before it finds itself trapped by the metal enclosure of the vehicle, and ultimately bounces EMFs at our bodies.


Conclusion: 3 Tips

If you would like to see the EMF protection products that Sophia uses, register for her free introduction to the D-Tox Academy. In that FREE intro is a list of her household staples, ways to disconnect from technology, and also the few EMF protection products she uses. Below are additional key takeaways.

  • Effective EMF protection requires measurement, avoidance of unnecessary EMFs, and protection. EMF Detox: The Ultimate 21-Day Digital Detox will guide you through an edit of your home and life to help you identify the easy changes you won't mind making. 
  • Learn more about EMFs in your environment. Hire a professional EMF detox expert, or learn to take readings of the different types of EMFs with an EMF meter. Then use conventional EMF protection products when it makes sense.
  • Build your natural immunity and resilience through a supportive diet, restorative sleep, exercise, and reconnect with nature. The ONLY way to achieve true EMF protection is by respecting your body's limits, boundaries, and needed balance which includes being smart about your relationship with technology and supporting your natural biology.



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