The Essential Detox leads you to apply Sophia's methodical D-Tox Approach to detox your home's air, dust, hands, water, sleep, and technology from toxic chemicals, heavy metals and radiation. It will help you detox what you won't miss!

With COVID-19 on the top of our minds, unburdening and empowering our immune systems have never been more obviously important. Let's detox your normal exposures!

And with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty unusually pervasive, let's focus on the small steps we can take to transform home into a healing sanctuary.


Are you managing unexplained health issues, like chronic migraines, autoimmune issues, or cancer? Are you concerned about hormone imbalances, unexplained infertility, precocious puberty, or menopause? Want to protect your children from unnecessary toxic exposures? Concerned about the planet and want to create less pollution? Curious about how to make kill germs, bacteria, and viruses (including COVID-19) while minimizing the use of toxic cleaning products?

Diet and exercise aren't the only key pillars of health.

Scientists and medical professionals are increasingly acknowledging the role that toxic exposures play in many modern health issues, like cancer, infertility, autoimmune disorders, and more. 

Nontoxic living expert, Sophia Ruan Gushée, helps you edit your lifestyle from toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation, so you can unburden your body and optimize your energy, immunity, and healing. 



The Essential Detox includes over 50 powerful micro-lessons. The checklists will guide you to apply Sophia's signature D-Tox Approach towards your home's air, dust, hands, water, sleep areas, and technology.


16 delightful videos that cover the essential things you need to know about toxic chemicals, the latest science, best practices to reduce your toxic load (while keeping the peace in your household), and the mindset needed for a sustainable practical nontoxic and healing lifestyle. 


5 workshops that include 37 quick videos and checklists to help you detox toxic chemicals and heavy metals from your home's air, dust, hands, water, and sleep areas. What's the best air filter? Is it better to drink water from the tap or bottled? How can I keep toxic chemicals out of my home? Discover the answers to these questions (and so much more) in this essential module. 


+21 micro (but powerful) lessons to help you "digitally detox" and recover from your technology's electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures. Process these quick and dynamic videos, PDFs, and checklists at your own pace, and optimize your life's energy hygiene. Improve the factors for enhanced physical, mental,, social, emotional, and soulful well-being.

Introducing... ✔️CHECKLISTS 

Ever wish someone would just give you a simple checklist for "what to do" when it comes to detoxing from toxic exposures? Want to make sure you've left no stone unturned in your pursuit for greater health?

Checklists are the #1 thing we've been asked for since publishing A to Z of D-Toxing, so we've made them a reality. With the Essential Detox, you'll get access to 2 comprehensive PDF Checklists: Home Detox + EMF Detox (invaluable). 


While everyone benefits from avoiding unnecessary toxic chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and too much digital exposures, those below may be more sensitized to the benefits.

  • People looking to sleep and feel better energy

  • People with compromised or imbalanced immune systems. This can manifest as allergies, asthma, dermatological manifestations (like eczema), autoimmune disorders, chemical sensitivities, and electromagnetic sensitivities

  • People with behavioral and mood disorders 

  • People with unexplained chronic symptoms

  • People who are trying to conceive

  • Parents-to-be

  • Parents with small children 

  • People who enjoy optimizing their health, energy, and well-being and who want to unburden their bodies of unnecessary toxic chemicals from what they can control

  • People looking to create a healing home 


While common sense reveals benefits to avoiding toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation, scientists have been studying the detailed ways that these toxic exposures participate in our development, intelligence, sleep, reproductive capacity, pregnancy outcomes, and overall quality of life. While we still have a lot to understand, we know that: (1) it's complicated; (2) we should be conservative about our toxic exposures; and (3) effects can manifest decades and, sometimes, generations, later. In the shorter-term, detoxing your life of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and EMFs have created the following benefits in some*:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Enhanced energy
  • Boosted immunity
  • More favorable conditions for fertility
  • Purer breastmilk
  • A lifestyle that supports disease prevention
  • Conditions that can alleviate allergies, asthma, and eczema
  • Less mental fogginess, clearer focus, and fewer chronic headaches
  • Reduce “body burden” of hormone-disrupting chemicals, which can improve all areas of wellbeing, including energy, mental health, and physical health
  • Contributing to a healthier indoor and outdoor environment (practical nontoxic living is mindful of our eco-systems, wildlife, and our climate crisis)

* Individuals will have unique experiences so the benefits above may not necessarily be yours.

"Dealing with chronic migraines, brain fog, and other sensitivities, Sophia helped me break down the vast array of elements polluting my environment. Through a series of changes, some big and some small, I was able to create a much more clean and toxic free environment. The changes have improved my symptoms substantially, and I am forever grateful to Sophia. "

New York, NY

"I engaged my 2 boys (age 14 and 9) in the program–– each day they looked forward to learning more. We gained so much awareness about EMFs throughout the program and we've made some changes to reduce our exposures to EMFs. "

New Jersey

"It took almost no time and effort to implement some of Sophia's tips to hack EMFs, and my quality of sleep immediately improved. Thank God, because I was always exhausted!"

New York, NY

"I loved each day's video. The daily checklists got me thinking about real-life practicalities. The one on electromagnetic hypersensitivity was invaluable. It helped convince my engineer husband! I highly recommend the course. "

London, UK

"In our quest for healthier lives through preventative medicine with diet and exercise, we have forgotten the potential hazards lurking in common products all around us. This well researched and scholarly work is one that I know I will turn to often in my clinical practice. "

Dr. Hooman
New York, NY


Budget-friendly detox tweaks 



What can I expect from this membership?

Expect a wellspring of high-impact tips that are rooted in science but considers practical wisdom, cost little to no money to implement, and offer a realistic level of participation from a busy, modern professional or family. Expect plenty of support for you to feel fully equipped to make any changes you choose to make. 

How structured of a program is this?

The Essential Detox offers a lot of flexibility within structure: There are structured lessons and checklists with guidance on how you can pursue the implementation of detox tweaks in a timeframe that is sustainable for your unique circumstances. Appreciating how overwhelming life can feel, this program is designed to help you set realistic expectations. We recommend taking 1-2 months (at least) to move through each pillar. The Essential Detox requires a minimum of 3 monthly payments of $37/month (most people need at least 3 months to establish a strong foundation for a practical nontoxic lifestyle). After 3 months, you can continue to "rent" the Essential Detox for as long as you like. 

What kind of results will I experience?

Since each of our bodies are unique, you should expect your benefits to be unique as well. Results also vary by the level of seriousness with which you approach the program. However, results may include better sleep, stronger immunity, fewer headaches, reduced brain fog, balanced hormones, improved factors for fertility and a healthier pregnancy outcome, and relief from chronic symptoms. 

How quickly can I move through this program?

It's up to you!

To power through the key high-impact, budget-friendly detox tweaks, we estimate that it would take you 1-2 months to process Detox 101, 2-3 months for Home Detox, and 3+ months to implement the tips in EMF Detox. 

However, most people cannot power through, need more time to change their home and habits, and want longer support to change their lifestyle. 

We care about your long-term trend of improvement. Slow and steady is sustainable. We don't want you to dive in, get overwhelmed, stressed, burn out, and give up.

Again, Essential Detox requires a minimum of 3 monthly payments of $37/month, but you can continue to "rent" the Essential Detox after that timeframe for as long as you'd like. 

Will this program give me exact details on how to detox my air, water, etc.?

Yes! Not only does this program equip you with an understanding of toxic exposures (so you can develop your own intuition towards what is healthy and what is not), but it also gives you the specific recommendations you'll need to move through the day-to-day, and answer questions like "what kind of water should I drink?" or "which air purifier should I buy?"

Will this program make me feel crazy, or expect me to spend a bunch of money on new products?

No, and no. After spending over a decade practically detoxing from toxic exposures (with 3 small children, living in busy NYC), I've developed a keen understanding of the most important areas to detox, and what to let go of. I've designed this program to simplify detoxing to a few high-impact principles. It is my sincere belief that no change is too small, and every tweak you make can have an enormous impact on your improved health and vitality. 

What if I have a specific question for Sophia?

With this membership, you will receive exclusive access to our private forum, Healing Space. Here, you can share challenges, tips, and receive advice from Sophia and her team. 


Start detoxing from toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation today to possibly improve your health immediately, and for generations to come. Join the waitlist for the next open enrollment to access the Essential Detox at $37/month.


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