Prenatal Screen Time: Protect Your Pregnancy From the EMFs of Your Electronic Devices

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Whether it’s your first child, or number 5 and counting, having a healthy, safe pregnancy is always your biggest priority. You already know to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and visit your doctor for checkups. But have you considered how your prenatal screen habits could impact you and your child? This is something you should consider.

Non-ionizing radiation and pregnancy

Most of our everyday electronic devices emit extremely low-frequency (ELF) to mid-frequency radiation. Radiation in this range is called non-ionizing radiation. Examples include your cell phones, iPads, tablets, microwaves, radios, WiFi routers, laptops, and computers. 

Learn more about ionizing vs non-ionizing radiation here: What are EMFs?

This non-ionizing radiation is not strong enough to break molecular bonds (unlike x-rays and gamma rays). However, our exposures are unparalleled in their intensity and how chronic they are (day and night!). 

Is non-ionizing radiation harmful?

While interpretations of the current body of science vary (some experts say we have proof of harm, others say we don't), many governments and schools worldwide are protecting the most vulnerable: children and the unborn. While unequivocal proof of harm or safety will take generations' more of research, the collective body of science has raised concern about how prenatal and postnatal EMF exposures may harm a child's brain and nervous system, reproductive systems, cancer risk, and other health issues. These effects may not manifest until adulthood. 

I recently recorded a podcast with Dr. Hugh Taylor, chair of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine and chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale New Haven Hospital. Responding to the evolving and latest studies, he opined:

What you do when you're pregnant may affect your child's fertility. And our fertility right now may have been programmed by what our mothers did when they were pregnant. I think that's an important piece that we're missing.

Dr. Taylor recently published findings from a study that found that mice who had prenatal exposures to cell phone radiation demonstrated behavioral abnormalities and impaired memory. And these effects persisted into adulthood. Physicians at Harvard and Yale now recommend that pregnant women reduce wireless exposures.  

I now believe that prenatal screen habits are as important as eating a healthy diet, and avoiding cigarette smoking, secondhand smoke, and unnecessary drugs and alcohol. 


You don't have to give up your technology! Simple tweaks in behavior can help reduce the health risks of you and your child. Below are five key tips to help you get started.

  1. Keep distance from your wireless and wired devices. Don't put cell phones and laptops on your body. When you must, then turn WiFi and Bluetooth off, and make sure the devices are not plugged into an electrical outlet when near your body. One study on rats found a greater risk of tumor development from laptop radiation in both the mom and the fetus.
  2. Use cell phones in speaker mode or with the use of hands-free kits (avoid Bluetooth).
  3. Use landline phones more to reduce use of cell phones. 
  4. Keep calls on cell phones short.
  5. Text instead of call. That will expose you to less cell phone radiation.

Consider a digital detox

There are many precautionary measures we can take to reduce our unborn children's EMF exposures.

Detox Your EMFs: The Ultimate 21-Day Digital Detox will guide you through a practical approach to reduce your EMF exposures. A side benefit: you'll have a healthier relationship with technology in more than one way. Participants notice improved sleep, presence, and more!


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