I left Los Angeles wondering what motivates you?

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by Sophia Ruan Gushée


Even after studying and teaching nontoxic living for over a decade, I'm more energized than ever: The evidence for precautionary measures continues to strengthen, and the public is more curious than ever.

I just returned from spending a week in Los Angeles. My trip to LA originated from a personal reason, but I extended my visit to make room for various work events.


Detox Market

Soon after arriving in LA, I headed over to the retail store, Detox Market, for a live Practical Nontoxic Living podcast recording with entrepreneur and author, Shiva Rose. We talked about natural beauty and self-care.



Unplug Meditation LA

The next night, I led a workshop—Detox and Heal Your Home and Body—at Unplug Meditation. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how many men showed up, and how many women (from both the Detox Market and Unplug Meditation events) said: 


"I don't know anything about this, but my boyfriend is REALLY into this. So I'm here to learn more about how to be an ally."


I was also pleasantly surprised at the interest level in our man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs). There was more interest from the attendees than I'm used to experiencing from those in NYC.



Den Meditation

Next, I visited the founder of Den Meditation studio, Tal Rabinowitz, to record a Den Talks podcast with her. This was so exciting because I've been soaking up her podcasts as they open me up to so many fascinating people and their interesting perspectives and expertise.



Kelsey Patel

My last event was a podcast recording with the lovely Kelsey Patel—a leading LA-based healer, teacher, author, and fellow Well + Good Council member. Towards the end of our podcast recording, she asked me: 


"Why should people care?"


I was surprised by this last question because I thought I had made this obvious throughout the conversation: cancer, fertility challenges, neurotoxicity, immunotoxicity, developmental issues with children, birth defects, our ecosystems, ... were those not compelling risks to reduce?  Why did Kelsey ask me this question both at the beginning and the end of our recording? There must be some deep reason why, I thought.


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Kelsey Patel—LA-based certified reiki master, motivational speaker, and meditation teacher specializing in the Emotional Freedom Technique—and I met years ago at a Well+Good Council dinner at Donna Karan’s place in NYC. Since meeting, we’ve been wanting to meet again. Finally, it happened this afternoon! My afternoon with @kelseyjpatel was a lovely example of how uplifting and nourishing certain company can be—even during a home detox! Thank you, Kelsey, for inviting me into your home and onto your podcast to talk about an overlooked pillar of health: our toxic exposures from what we buy & do. More to come. . . . #homedetox #detoxyourbody #detoxyourhome #detoxing #detoxification #detox #detoxify #cleanliving #nontoxicliving #nontoxichome #nontoxiclife #naturally #ruanliving #iamwellandgood #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #goodvibetribe

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An introductory overview I often shared

I really appreciated the reminder of how unfamiliar most people are about our toxic exposures. Since the facts are unbelievable, I'll share below the informational framework that I often introduced:

  • Since WWII, more than 84,000 chemicals have been introduced into American commerce. 
  • Each year, an estimated 1,000 to 3,000 new chemicals are introduced.
  • Each country has its own story. For example, in 2015, the European Union had 143,000 chemicals registered.
  • Less than 1% of chemicals are regulated in the US.
  • 287 industrial chemicals have been detected in the cord blood of American babies. 180 cause cancer in humans or animals. 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system. And 208 cause developmental problems.


What motivates you?

Despite trying to answer Kelsey's question even more clearly, I left continuing to wonder: 

Why should people care about the toxic exposures from what we buy and do?

So now I'm curious: 

What makes you want to detox from toxic exposures

toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and man-made electromagnetic fields? 


Click here to let me know—I want to hear from you!


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Micro-exposures to pharmaceuticals can have big impact on development, moods, reproduction, and more. How might small detox tweaks in your choices change your life? — In the above video, I highlight how microexposures to pharmaceuticals can create big impact, like on moods, reproduction, and more. One leading researcher on BPA—a chemical estimated to exist in 90% of Americans and an environmental estrogen—has said, in the book “Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival?,” that “as little as 1/10 of a part per trillion” of free estrogen is “capable of altering the course of development in the womb.” . One part per trillion is about one drop of water in 20 Olympic-sized pools. . While the effects from our exposures to hundreds of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) is highly complex and not fully understood (including from BPA), there are many opportunities to follow precautionary measures. That’s an approach some governments (like in Canada, Europe, and even domestic governments) adopt—to be safe rather than sorry. And that‘s how the Ruan Detox Immersion can help. . While we can’t control everything, we can significantly reduce our exposures to risky chemicals, heavy metals, and man-made radiation from what we buy and do. . If you’d like help crafting a plan to identify the practical ways you can detox your home, diet, self-care, and technology, then click on the link in the bio to learn more about the upcoming Ruan Detox Immersion. If you’re in NYC on Jan 25, then you can join me @theclass for a 90-minute workshop to jumpstart your #practicalnontoxicliving lifestyle. . . . #ruandetoximmersion #nontoxic #nontoxicliving #homedetox #detoxyourhome #infertility #infertilityawareness #infertilitywarrior #infertilityjourney #infertilitysupport #nycevents #nycevent #nycwellness #cancerawareness #autoimmunewellness #autoimmunediet

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