Sophia Ruan Gushee and Practical Nontoxic Living podcast guest Ariana Ost

Healing & Thriving Lessons from Cancer to Optimize Your Life Quality

podcast Jan 14, 2021

People often ask me about the benefits of practical nontoxic living. If you're curious about one person's experience, then this podcast is thought-provoking.

My guest is Ariana Ost Martz. Ariana studied at the Parsons School of Design in both NYC and Paris, and went into fashion and jewelry design after graduating. However, in 2006,  Ariana's mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given 6 months to live. 

Ultimately, Ariana's mother chose not to opt-out of chemotherapy, and search for ways to optimize her life quality. This led Ariana's mother to become vegan, learn about the toxic chemicals in most household products, filter her water and air, and detox everything she could--like her cleaning products, beauty products, and many more things.

In this podcast, you will hear Ariana's experience and perspective on the power of natural healing and the benefits of a practical nontoxic lifestyle. While Ariana's mother ultimately passed away, Ariana's mother extended her life by 3.5 years--defying the odds and her doctor's prognosis, she also experienced an elevated quality of life (as you'll hear in the podcast), and healing.

After she passed away in 2009, Ariana was forever changed and committed to sharing her story and the power of nature to restore us. To honor her mother, Ariana started the NYC-based Ariana Ost lifestyle brand, which her also helped her spend more time with her father as her father became her business partner, and create a legacy for her children. ‘Ost’ is her mother's maiden name. So her brand's name, Ariana Ost, is a way to carry on her mother's name and the creativity she instilled in Ariana.

This exquisite brand has grown organically and they are known for their jewelry approach to decorative and healing objects for you and your home. The team sources healing crystals from all over the world to bring joy to people and their spaces and to make a positive energetic impact.

You can find some of these beautiful pieces in retailers--like ABC Home in Manhattan, online at Urban Outfitters and her website The pieces incorporate Ariana's love for yoga, mindfulness, and healing energy from crystals, sound, and vibrations.

It's been an honor for me to get to know Ariana, her father, their story, and their work. I hope you appreciate it as much as I have.


Podcast Show Notes

[08.15] Ariana's family history with her mother's lung cancer

[13:47] Their experience of eliminating chemicals and heavy metals from their diet, home, and other consumer products.

  • They became vegan
  • They got air filters and water filters
  • They noticed the impact of negativity from physicians and empowerment from what they were learning and from helping others
  • A holistic approach enhanced their life quality
  • We all need support and community

[26:03] Ariana's design atelier, Ariana Ost

Healing crystals.

"Healing crystals are kind of like plants where there are pieces of the earth. They're living organisms and they emit an energy field, the frequency vibration. And they can elevate the energy of your space and the space that you're in holds a lot of emotion. So the way we use like smudging or smoke clearing or sound clearing, you can kind of make your space a sanctuary that allows you to heal, restore, rest, recharge, have positive experiences, connection. So I try to have people feel empowered with rituals... 

So people going through hard times, different healing crystals may resonate with different people for different reasons. And that's a great tool, having things that make you feel great, like showering, bathing, detoxing."

Bath crystals.

[00:27:23] We just launched bath crystals because when you put crystals in water, they change the hydrogen bonds and water picks up energetic power. Crystals have a pattern because they're living and vibrating, emanating energy, so you put that energy in your water and you're immersing yourself in your compositional source. So our bodies are made of water and crystalline-like our bones are made of crystal. So you're kind of restoring.

Other things Ariana puts in her baths.

[00:28:21] I use Epsom salts, baking soda,...

[00:29:34] Rose quartz, amethyst, citrine quartz,...

[00:31:58] How to use the Ariana Ost tuning fork

  • Why everyone will react different to the vibrations: it can stimulate some and soothe others

[00:39:31] How quickly Ariana's family noticed benefits from D-Toxing

"You started noticing immediately."

[00:41:40] Sophia's detox immersion, which is like an elimination diet of toxic exposures

  • Detox your baseline
  • Explore your body's changes as you detox one exposure at a time

[00:48:54] Sophia's EMF tips

[00:52:43] Journaling


Resources for Your Practical Nontoxic Lifestyle

Below are invaluable resources to help detox chemicals, heavy metals, and EMFs from your home, diet, self-care, and technology. 

  1. A to Z of D-Toxing (Amazon paid link) is an invaluable reference book that every household should have. You'll learn a science-based overview of why we should reduce our toxic exposures. It also shares tips for detoxing chemicals and heavy metals from your cleaning products, personal care products, diet, home furnishings, and children's stuff. It also teaches an informational framework to help you developed an informed common sense when shopping and de-cluttering. It touches upon EMFs from our technology, and in the context that is explained in A to Z of D-Toxing, you should then have a foundation from which to understand the complex risks from EMF exposures.
  2. EMF Detox Workbook: Checklists to Recover From Electromagnetic Exposure (Amazon paid link) was published in September 2020. It is an excellent resources to help you identify the simple things you can do to reduce your EMF exposures.
  3. Home Detox Workbook: Checklists To Eliminate Toxic Chemicals (Amazon paid link). I also published the HDW at the same time. This contains checklists to help you identify simple ways to detox your home's air,, dust, hands, water, and sleep. Both workbooks contain pages for you to track your notes because the more you learn about practical nontoxic living, the more details you'll want to organize.
  4. Last, both workbooks were designed to complement my online monthly membership that's titled, Essential Detox. It contains videos to help you onboard those you live as well as an online community where you can benefit with Q&A. It's $37/month.


Deconstruct your habits, mindset, and assumptions to reconstruct your home, diet, self-care, and technology relationship for a practical nontoxic and healing lifestyle. We're bringing consciousness to unconscious choices.

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