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I hope you're enjoying the best that summer has to offer!

In this month's newsletter, we're offering ideas that you may enjoy incorporating into your self-care routine. They're salty and spicy!

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1. Could halotherapy help your chronic symptoms?

I had the pleasure of talking to Shannon Cappola, founder of the Montauk Salt Cave, about how her youngest son, Oliver, inspired her to open a salt cave. By age 4, Oliver had never slept through the night. And he never smiled. He was so uncomfortable from his respiratory issues, which prevented him from sleeping. After his first visit to a salt cave at age 4, he slept through the night for the first time. This experience launched Shannon on a journey that would lead her to open a third salt cave while meeting many visitors who also found relief from spending time inhaling the salt air. Click here to listen to my podcast with Shannon and/or to skim podcast notes: Practical Nontoxic Living podcast with Shannon Cappola

2. Six ways to incorporate salt therapy into your self-care routine:

Editing my podcast with Shannon got me deeply interested in the healing benefits of salt: inhaling it, eating it, bathing in it, drinking it, and filling your home with salt lamps!

Click here to learn how you can incorporate salt therapy into your self-care routine.

3. Make hot sauce!

After giving birth to three children, my body has an insatiable craving for habanero peppers. Read which health benefits I've been enjoying as I satisfy this craving with homemade hot sauce.

4. One of "New York's Best Doctors" reviews A to Z of D-Toxing:


Dr. Hooman Yaghoobzadeh is a physician that I've been raving about since I met him last year for a general checkup. Highly recommended by a friend, I was impressed by his informed opinions on how diet can affect your health. And I also appreciated the time he took to answer my questions and give me advice on helping my vegetarian daughter get the nutrients she needs.

Turns out, I'm not the only patient that thinks he's fabulous: New York magazine just selected him as one of New York's best doctors.

So, this year, for my second annual check up with him, I bravely gave him a signed copy of my book A to Z of D-Toxing. Given how open-minded and curious he seemed, I thought he might find it interesting. He was so appreciative of it, he not only provided my book with the testimonial below, but he also booked me on an XM radio show, Just Jenny!

5. Listen to my interview on Just Jenny! Sirius XM Radio:

Jenny Hutt, TV and radio personality and host of the Just Jenny Sirius XM radio show has interviewed guests like Larry King, Howard Stern, Dr. Frank Lipman, and Dr. Hooman Yaghoobzadeh.

To listen to Sophia on Just Jenny, click here: Sophia Ruan Gushée on Just Jenny. 


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