Monthly Newsletter: June 2017

a monthly newsletter Jun 15, 2017

For many of us, June is a month of celebration: longer hours of sunshine, the return of heat, the end of the school year, and the transition into summer plans that hopefully include time to enjoy life with family and friends.

As you are able to relax into a summer routine, consider the four offerings below: 

  1. Refresh your framework for health. Watch (or listen) to wonderful conversations from my recent Innovators of Wellness event. Guest speakers include Dr. Frank Lipman, an internationally-recognized expert in integrative medicine; Melanie Whelan, CEO of SoulCycle; Abby Levy, President of Thrive Global; Melisse Gelula, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well + Good; and Greg Gushee, a leading real estate developer at the Related Companies. You will hear information that can tweak your appreciation for key pillars of health.
  2. Detox your indoor air. Click below to read about the five plants we recommend.
  3. Make a healthy treat. Consider making sesame seed candy, which is rich with iron and calcium. This is a good addition for vegetarian or vegan diets.
  4. Support our bees and other pollinators. Take a rare look inside a beehive and see how honey is extracted. I visited a delightful beekeeper in Eastern Long Island: Listen to our podcast, watch our videos, and read simple activities you can do this summer (including with your kids) to support our pollinators.

Have a wonderful day!



1) Innovators of Wellness: Watch the event!

Videos of the Innovators of Wellness event have just been uploaded! Click on the image below to watch them.


Even though I was there and led the conversations, I really enjoyed watching and listening to my guest speakers again. The conversations were rich with important and approachable insights that help simplify how we can tweak our well-being.


2) Five plants to filter detox your home

In addition, as you enjoy more time to set up for summer, consider buying plants to help improve your indoor air. Click below to read the new blog post below that identifies five plants to improve your indoor air quality.



3) Recipe: Sesame seed candy with local honey

Also, new on the blog is a recipe for sesame seed candy. It reminds me of my childhood as it was one of the few treats I could have, and is more popular in Taiwan than in the US.

I thought of it recently when my general practitioner mentioned sesame seeds as an excellent source of iron for my vegetarian daughter. My husband and I really like it! My vegetarian daughter will eat it. My younger two have slowly warmed up to it. 



4) New podcast: Laura Klahre, a delightful beekeeper in Eastern Long Island 

Last August, I visited beekeeper, Laura Klahre at her home apiary on the North Fork of Long Island. From my research for A to Z of D-Toxing, I became fascinated and concerned about our declining bee population.

Bees are crucial for our food supply. After seeing Laura Klahre give an impassioned TED talk about bees, my team arranged for us to visit Laura to learn more about bees, beekeeping, and our greater pollination crisis.

Click on the image below to listen to the podcast. 


Below are two blog posts that resulted from this visit. They include videos and pictures of a close look into beehives! This is an important topic and a great one to pursue with your children. There are simple things we can do this summer to contribute to our community of pollinators. Please check them out!

  1. Beekeeper Laura Klahre, founder of Blossom Meadow, on the pollination crisis and simple steps to help
  2. What We Can Learn from The Declining Health of Bees




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