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a monthly newsletter Apr 10, 2017


Spring is our season.

It's a time of renewal and detoxification. New beginnings, fresh starts, and healthy transformations. Wherever you are in your process, we hope you are enjoying the changing season.

There have been many exciting developments at Practical Nontoxic Living, below are nine key updates.




1) What does it take to innovate?

On May 4th, Sophia will host her first Innovators of Wellness event in NYC. It features five trailblazers in modern healthy living.

While the exclusive event is invite-only for the in-person attendance, anyone can watch the event for free by registering here: Watch the Innovators of Wellness event for FREE. Have questions you would like us to consider asking the panel speakers? If so, share them with us at [email protected], or tag us on social media (details below) with them!


2) Detox Your EMFs: The Ultimate 21-Day Digital Detox

After years of researching an average person's exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMF) from our digital products, I've culled what I've learned into 21 key tips you can follow to detox your EMF exposures.

Each day, over 21 days, you will learn a high impact tip to incorporate. You won't be asked to disconnect completely from the outside world, just to create healthy boundaries that you won't mind making. Learn more by clicking Detox Your EMFs: The Ultimate 21-Day Digital Detox.

Register to be in the first cohort of this groundbreaking program. It starts April 17, 2017.

Hurry: Spots are limited!


3) Detox Your Clean!

Jumpstart your spring cleaning with an unconventional approach: Detox Your Clean!

To support this spring's natural rhythm of cleansing and renewal, we're offering a rare, EXCLUSIVE sneak peek into part of the D-Tox Academy's soon-to-be-sold: Detox Your Clean.

In the spirit of spring and in honor of Earth Day, we're offering FREE ACCESS FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL 2017 to part of this upcoming program. It can help you detox your cleaning approach, which will improve your indoor air quality.


4) Peppermint: Your Herbal Ally for Spring 

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Need a little pep in your step-- without the caffeine? Click to learn why it's become our best friend this spring: Peppermint can alleviate spring allergies.


5) Sophia discusses how to detox your gym bag on ELLE Magazine!

Last month, Sophia stopped by the NYC office of Elle Magazine to help a friend, Jen, detox her gym bag. After Jen was pulled aside by airport security because the swipe of the inside of her gym bag revealed toxic chemicals, Jen became really interested in nontoxic ways to clean her bag. Sophia advised a nontoxic approach to manage bacteria, germs, grime, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals. You can watch the segment below, or read the notes: Detox Your Gym and Workout.



6) A to Z of D-Toxing is now an Ebook!

You can now download an electronic copy of f A to Z of D-Toxing on Amazon. The digital format makes it easy to search key information (like how to choose rice that has less arsenic than your other options). Stay tuned for upcoming promotions!


7) Family Circle magazine features Sophia's expertise.

Click here to read tips on how to create a healthy home: Sophia in Family Circle magazine.


8) Health magazine features Sophia's expertise.

In this month's Health magazine, Sophia's expertise on beauty products is featured.


9) Are you following us on social media?

Last, did you know we are on social media? We've been sharing more practical nontoxic living tips on social media.

Please follow us these platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This past month, there were tips on the following: detox your yoga, detox your hotel room, detox your sunscreen, and soothe your sunburn. In the coming months, we'll be posting more frequent updates on the Innovators of Wellness event.



On my family's recent vacation to #Columbia, where even SPF 50 could not prevent #sunburns, I learned that certain #EssentialOils can effectively soothe sunburns. 1) My kids and I loved #peppermint oil so much that we depleted that bottle first. 2) #Lavendar oil was soothing but not as comforting as peppermint oil. 3) #TeaTree oil was the second most helpful oil for sunburns and itchy #MosquitoBites. Be sure to dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil, like #FractionatedCoconutOil, since they are powerful and can irritate skin. Also, do a test patch on your skin since we have different sensitivities. And research online the oil you will use for any other precautions you should take. Use 100% pure essential oils. Another potential bonus: These scents may deter #BugBites! #nontoxiclivingguide #nontoxicliving #sunburnt #peppermintoil #lavendaroil #teatreeoil

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