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Home Detox Part 2: Indoor Air Quality and Dust

home detox indoor air podcast May 17, 2022

Podcast music by Chris Robertson.

Podcast Intro

In Part 2 of this three-part series, Sophia led for the Everwell Community in the Spring of 2021, learn impactful, budget-friendly ways to detox your indoor air, dust, and hands. 

Sophia shares important concepts about toxic exposures from products you use in your home. These concepts should motivate you to keep integrating detox tweaks into your life and remind you that small changes can transform!

Questions Answered

  • What are some inexpensive but effective ways to detox indoor air? 
  • What is 'fragrance' and why is it harmful?
  • How to look out for products with 'fragrance'?
  • What happens when two exposures combine? 
  • How can brands misrepresent the safety of their products? 
  • Can one exposure make you more vulnerable to another? 
  • Why is ventilating important? 
  • Do you use essential oils?
  • Do you use plants for air purification?

Podcast Show Notes

[3:36] Sophia's goals for the workshop

  • Interesting things to talk about with family and friends
  • Building blocks for avoiding toxic chemicals

[4:57] Perspective on the prevalence of chemicals in our daily life

  • How the numbers differ from country to country
  • We are all interconnected; even how other nations deal with chemicals is relevant to us 
  • We introduce chemicals and heavy metals into our homes and bodies through what we buy

[7:40] Home detox checklist

  • The five cornerstones of detoxing

[8:34] Sick building syndrome

  • Sophia noticing how a toxic exposure affects her after detoxing 
  • Multiple chemical sensativity 

[11:43] Home can participate in our healing 

 [12:17] Did you know that your physical space can participate in your healing and well-being? 

[12:30] Indoor air 

  • EPA estimates indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air 
  • Things we can change to improve our indoor air
  • Avoiding products with fragrance 

[14:58] Unintentional chemistry

[16:14] 4 takeaways from fragrance 

[16:43] Hidden air pollutants  

[17:43] Sophia's cleaning supplies recommendations 

[19:36] Are essential oils safe? 

[22:56] Learning how chemicals affect us is complicated 

[25:40] Can one exposure make you more vulnerable to another? 

[26:41] Replacement chemicals 

[28:01] Importance of ventilating 

[29:54] Sophia's recommended air purifier 

[31:01] Importance of nature

[33:06] EMF introduction 

[36:22] Take notice of your carpets and rugs

[40:14] Tips for reducing dust 

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