Tips to Protect Yourself from 5G

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Podcast music by Chris Robertson.


Disclaimer: After recording this podcast, I became an affiliate partner of DefenderShield. So if you purchase from DefenderShield via the Shop button below, I'll earn an affiliate fee. Thank you in advance if you buy through my link!


Daniel DeBaun—internationally recognized expert in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and shielding electronic emissions, co-author of the bestselling EMF book, Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology, and co-founder & CEO of DefenderShield—returns to inform us on how we can protect ourselves from 5G.  After 30 years in the telecommunications industry as an engineer and executive leader, Daniel became inspired to protect his sons from EMFs from sources of exposure like laptops.

Daniel discovered that all electronic devices emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and that these EMFs are harmful after prolonged exposure close to the body. Due to the lack of products that completely blocked all radiation from mobile devices, he decided to design one that blocked 100% of mobile radiation. And with that, Daniel founded his company DefenderSheild.

In collaboration with his son Ryan DeBaun, Daniel is the author of Radiation Nation. The book gives a great introduction to EMFs and how they affect our biology, as well as how to think about our electronics.

In this episode, which was recorded on Instagram Live, you'll learn Daniel's perspective on our current EMF environment now that 5G has entered our environments, and Daniel answers to questions from me and my Instagram viewers!

—The Ruan Living Team

To learn more, listen to Practical Nontoxic Living podcast episode 44.

Podcast Intro

There is so much conflicting—and false—information about EMFs and EMF protection that I really cherished my conversation with Daniel because I have had many questions about EMF protection products—like which products work effectively and how to use them safely. 

When Daniel last appeared in Practical Nontoxic Living, 5G had not yet rolled out nationwide. What then, have we learned about the new wireless communication network? Daniel provides an overview of EMFs, discusses how 5G differs from previous signals, the importance of creating a “sanctuary” free of mobile devices in your bedroom, and much more!

Topics covered:

  • EMF protective wallpaper
  • EMF protective hats
  • Earphones
  • Do houseplants help protect us from EMFs?
  • Does Shungite help protect against EMFs?
  • Can salt baths help improve
  • Do ferrite beads help reduce EMFs from connected cables?

​​Podcast Show Notes

[0:30] Introduction of Daniel

[4:06] What is electromagnetic radiation?

  • What are frequency rates?

[8:00] How EMF exposure affects our sleep pattern 

[10:30] Differences between 5G and previous wireless communication

[13:30] One toxic exposure can make another toxic exposure even more harmful

[15:11] There are neurological and physiological symptoms of EMF exposure

[16:33] Is a Bluetooth headset dangerous as well? 

[17:54] What can we do to help the brain heal after RF exposure?

[19.15] Care for the foods we eat and hydration have an impact on how our bodies recover from exposure

[19:40] How our bodies recover overnight 

  • Making our bedrooms a sanctuary

[16:33] Is a Bluetooth headset dangerous as well? 

[17:54] What can we do to help the brain heal after RF exposure?

[19.15] Care for the foods we eat and hydration have an impact on how our bodies recover from exposure

[20:26] Thoughts on directed energy from outside the home

  • Focusing on your own environment that you can control 
  • [21:26] “When you have a cell phone by your head, it’s 1.6 watts. If you are 2 feet away 80% of that danger is gone. By 4 feet you’re by 98%.”

[22:51] DefenderSheild curtains and wallpaper

  • 5G signal will not go through the wallpaper

[25:58] If you have the curtains and wallpaper, does the RF radiation still come through the floors?

  • Building a cage is not recommended

[27:30] Do RF signals bounce around? 

[28:57] 5G is a very concentrated signal 

[30:56] How shielding technology works

[35:45] What should we understand about DefenderSheild products to use them correctly and safely? 

[37:30] Does Shungite protect against EMF?

[38:48] Daniel’s thoughts on “dirty” electricity

[42:14] Do salt baths or ferrite beads help?

[44:35] Earphones

  • [45:50] What are air tube earphones?

[51:03] Study in San Francisco investigated elevated levels of RF in the environment of pregnant women

[51:44] What does a transmitter do?

[53:20] DefenderSheild pouches and purses

[57:57] Do houseplants help?

[59:00] What kind of doctor should one look for to recover from EMF exposure?

[1:00:00] Manipulative business strategies


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