Toxic ingredients in cleaning products too often pollute our indoor air, enter our bodies, and contribute to health issues. This digital Nontoxic Cleaning Starter Kit can save you time in detoxing your cleaning. Below is a brief video that explains more.


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Nontoxic Cleaning Starter Kit

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Cleaning products are too often a source of toxic chemicals. These ingredients can pollute your home, trigger uncomfortable symptoms and some can contribute to chronic health issues. A few examples of which health issues cleaning products can contribute to include allergies, asthma, reproductive and developmental effects, and endocrine disruption. The more you can reduce your toxic exposures, the more you increase your luck for optimal health.

The Nontoxic Cleaning Starter Kit can save you time in learning the essential things you should know about cleaning products and how to clean in the most nontoxic way, which is creating your cleaning solutions with a handful of time-tested ingredients.

Lack of regulation on product labels, misleading product labels, and greenwashing challenge a consumer's ability to know which cleaning products are truly safe. Author of the critically acclaimed book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic ExposuresSophia Ruan Gushée explains how to get started with the most nontoxic cleaning in a video presentation. 

The Nontoxic Cleaning Starter Kit includes a helpful video of Sophia explaining what you should know about conventional cleaning products, the most nontoxic cleaning solutions, and how to get started. In addition, you can download a beautiful Nontoxic Cleaning Guide and Nontoxic Cleaning Recipes that you can print and post around your home.

The Nontoxic Cleaning Starter is available to members of the D-Tox Academy and 40-Day Home Detox.

The Nontoxic Cleaning Starter Kit is your with membership to the D-Tox Academy, which includes an online detox library to help you avoid toxic chemicals, heavy metals, EMFs, and stress from other aspects of your life. In addition, Pillar 4 Cleaning Detox provides even more insightful videos on cleaning products. This includes a cleaning manual in English and Spanish which you can customize for your household as well as videos of Sophia sharing her cleaning recipes for washing dishes, laundry, and more.

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