Three-part workshop video series that complements the checklists in the Home Detox Workbook.


Detox your Home with the D-Tox Academy.


Home Detox Workbook workshop

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This online "kit" includes almost three hours of video of Sophia providing context for the key sections of her Home Detox Workbook: Checklists to Eliminate Toxic Chemicals. She'll discuss the value of detoxing your indoor air, dust, hands, water, and sleep and how to use the checklists.

An abbreviated PDF version of the Home Detox Workbook is included.

Pillar 2 Home Detox 101 at the D-Tox Academy shares more videos to provide even more relevant insight into the components of the Home Detox Workbook checklists. Pillar 2 is designed to be easy for you to skim and watch whichever video attracts you most at the moment. You can then revisit for another video that can inspire you to pursue a detox tweak that's on your checklist.

The Home Detox Workbook workshop is available to members of the D-Tox Academy and 40-Day Home Detox.

Detox Your Home's Air, Dust, Hands, Water, and Sleep

Access this important workshop at the D-Tox Academy.


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