Technology Safety & Mindfulness with August Brice of Tech Wellness

Jun 26, 2023

August Brice is the Founder of Tech Wellness. Tech Wellness is dedicated to empowering you to live a more healthy, safe, secure and balanced relationship with digital technology. Through their products (like cute anti-EMF headphones, and so much more!) and through their educational platforms, there is a wealth of information about the "Tech Toxins" that affect our modern world — from EMF solutions to information about healthy screen time, social media for kids, and more. 

August's background is fascinating, and her journey to healing is so inspiring and full of hope. We hope you learn something and feel a little more hopeful after listening! 

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[00:00:39] August's background 

  • The  tragic accident
  • Years of the journey in healing
  • Becoming very sensitive to wireless EMF

[00:04:38] The EMF sensitivity: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome

[00:06:50] Ways to make your body more able to withstand exposure to EMF 

[00:07:39] Different symptoms triggered by various types of radiation

  • Sensitivity to a Wi-Fi signal/radiation
  • Sensitivity to electronic devices
  • Symptoms from making use of Bluetooth connection
  • Sensitivity to high wireless energy level
  • Joint aches caused by EMF exposures 
  • EMF affects people biologically even without symptoms

[00:13:11] People get affected as far as symptoms go differently.

[00:13:27] The EHS Screen Dermatitis by Olle Johansson

[00:14:47] Building up your resiliency and being mindful of how to protect your body

[00:16:33] Opiates: One of the many reasons for EMF sensitivity

[00:21:31] Letting the people in the world understand EMF and anything around it

[00:23:15] The challenge: EMF is something you can't see, smell, or touch 

[00:24:31] The energy will pull and reflect -  the risks of protection in 2019

[00:25:39] Young children are much more vulnerable

[00:27:05] Blue light affects your melatonin levels

[00:30:05] Different ways to detox the space of EMFs at home

  • Make use of a trifield EMF meter 
  • Eliminate as much of the wireless as you can from your home
  • A wired security system is preferable
  • Shield every wire and put them away from the house and bury them in metal and concrete
  • Focus security cameras on the perimeters at home to create more distance
  • Don't have anything plugged inside your bedroom
  • Determine the safe levels for a sleeping area 
  • Make use of Shieldex EMC Fabric - EMF Shielding Fabrics to block the window for possible EMF exposure from the outside
  • Hard-wire your home and hard-wire your Wi-Fi
  • If you have a Wi-Fi, turn it off at night
  • Use the remote control to turn on and off your devices at home to stay away from the radiation 
  • Reach out to a building biologist or an electrical engineer who's trained in EMF when necessary 

[00:45:03] The radiation bounces around and causes more chaos for the cells

[00:46:31] The key pillars of August’s life that helped her with healing:

  • Having a vegetable and protein diet 
  • Learning about healing aromatherapy and herbs
  • Connecting with the mother nature
  • Taking supplements and vitamins 
  • Making her home toxin-free
  • The use of a trifield EMF meter 

[00:51:15] The Murray versus Motorola case

[00:55:57] The manipulative business strategies

[00:59:39] Anything that can boost your energy field can help protect you from the EMF sources

[01:02:22] Things that led August to have visions of her future

[01:06:32] Sensitivity to other people's energy 

[01:08:31] How does energy healing help?

[01:11:54] Fear is worse than any EMF exposure, bad food, or toxin

[01:14:13] August Brice - Tech Wellness

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