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affiliates diet podcast Feb 01, 2022

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Disclaimer: After recording this podcast, I was surprised that I became interested in becoming an affiliate partner of The LabElymental Milk Cleanse. But I now am! So, if you use the link below for a 10% discount, then I earn an affiliate fee. —Sophia


Many of us have had to pivot our relationship with milk throughout our lifetime. Between the Got Milk? ads of the 90’s and the 2008 Food Inc. documentary, it is difficult to know how exactly we are expected to feel about milk.

If you have been avoiding milk, just the words “Milk Cleanse” can be captivating. 

We, at Ruan Living, were fascinated to learn that The LabElymental Milk Cleanse is a full gut reset. Jody calls milk “the vehicle” that moves toxins out of your gut, it absorbs them like a magnet and expels them through your digestive system.

The LabElymental Milk Cleanse provides you with supplements, developed by doctors, to take along with your milk. This sets the cleanse apart because your body is not in a state of deprivation, you still get all of the nutrients you need while giving your body a break from digesting. 

LabElymental reports that you are more productive, energized, and clear-minded. The LabElymental Milk Cleanse is not only for persons struggling with tick-borne illnesses, mold exposure, or other biotoxin illnesses, it can also help with brain fog. There is even something called “the milk glow” that is achieved after just 4 days of the cleanse.

Most people don't realize the connection between gut health and their overall well-being and happiness. For example, did you know that people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome are more likely to develop anxiety and depression? Researchers are finding that our gut may be sending signals to the central nervous system that trigger mood changes. For example, Jay Pasricha, M.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Neurogastroenterology is working to understand the links between digestion, mood, and health. 

—The Ruan Living Team

To learn more, listen to Practical Nontoxic Living podcast episode 43.

Podcast Intro

As you'll hear in this podcast, Jody Levy is passionate about so many things that it's hard to describe what she does. I would describe her as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, advisor, partner, investor, and creator. But, that doesn't even seem to do her justice. In the beginning of this podcast, you'll hear the first word she uses to describe herself, which is not one of the words I just used.

What's incredible about her is that Jody applies her wide-ranging interests and talents to making the world a better place. For example, some of her endeavors have created or supported foods, drinks, apps, and even a milk cleanse that is designed to improve our health and well-being.

On her website, Jody describes her category-disrupting brands and companies as ones that are connected to the clean living, wellness lifestyle space that empowers people to take care of themselves and optimize their happiness and purpose. She describes some of these companies as focused on biohacking, clean energy, personalized medicine, alternative wellness, sustainable fitness, clean food, and more.

One company that may be most familiar to you is WTRMLN WTR, which I see often in the grocery store. Well, Jody was the founder and chief.

WTRMLN WTR is a company and brand committed to redefining how and what we drink to nourish our bodies and sustain our ecosystem. Beyonce was such a fan that she invested! 

In this podcast, you'll also hear Jody talk about NeuroPraxis, which is a digital app featuring co-founder Lisa Wimberger’s proprietary NeuroScultping modules specifically for overcoming pain, PTSD, stress, and symptoms associated with Biotoxic exposure including Lyme Disease, Mold disease, viruses, parasites, and more. I thought this was fascinating too!

However, the product that is most highlighted in this podcast is The Milk Cleanse, which was co-created with author and integrative medicine doctor Dr. Linda Lancaster. The Milk Cleanse, which is done in 8- or 4- days and contains supplements for you to take, is designed to alleviate symptoms associated with biotoxic exposure. 

Now, when I first heard about The Milk Cleanse, I was not interested because I don't like milk and I have read a lot about the unhealthy effects of milk in adults. But, as I learned more about Jody's story, I became excited to speak to her. 

We talk about her also not liking milk, but how The Milk Cleanse helped symptoms that nothing else helped.

Jody explains that milk acts as a magnet of bad things—like bacteria, heavy metals, and other toxins. And the supplements in The Milk Cleanse help your body eliminate that bad stuff. Now, I'm really excited to try The Milk Cleanse especially after hearing how much better Jody feels after doing it.

If you're also interested in trying The Milk Cleanse, then check the podcast show notes for a 10% discount code. A percentage of sales goes towards the awareness and prevention of parasites, Lyme Disease, and other tick-borne illnesses. 

SAVE 10%

After our podcast recording, I became an affiliate partner and earn an affiliate fee if you use the link or discount code below. At the same time, you'll save 10% off The Milk Cleanse.

Use code RUANLIVING or the link below for a discount (10%)

The LabElymental Milk Cleanse

I hope you find this conversation, which was recorded on Instagram Live, as interesting as I did—and Jody's passion and purpose as contagious as well.

To listen to Practical Nontoxic Living podcast episode 43 with Jody Levy, then click below. You can also watch our Instagram Live further below.

Podcast Show Notes

[0:30] Introduction of Jody

[4:08] Jody's range of businesses and roles

[7:11] Jody's health experiences that inspired some of her businesses

[7:45] WTRMLN WTR and the inspiration and intention for it

[8:10] Clean food

[9:40] Contracted 14 different tick-borne illnesses that took 18 years to identify

[11:12] How milk cleanses with Dr. Linda Lancaster helped Jody feel better.

  • Dr. Lancaster has been using this milk cleanse approach for 40 years

[12:44] Symptoms that Jody was experiencing: memory, exhaustion, and a sense that her system wasn't working right

[14:28] Biotoxic illnesses often leave people feeling that something's not right

[16:12] The Milk Cleanse by LabElymental

  • Isn't dairy unhealthy for adults?
  • Jody doesn't normally drink milk
  • Ayurveda's help with Jody's symptoms
  • You can try different types of milk: camel, buffalo, goat
  • From the Milk Cleanse, Jody enjoys improved energy, mental clarity, more productive
  • [20:18] Milk acts as a magnet in the gut—parasites, bacteria, etc; and The Milk Cleanse supplements help eliminate. The milk is the vehicle that moves things out of your system.
  • [22:18] Benefits of the milk cleanse when compared to other types of cleanses
    • The "milk glow" can be achieved in 4 days
    • Gut reset
  • [33:00] Slowing down
  • [34:07] Buffalo milk
  • [35:58] What do you wish you knew sooner about neuro-sculpting?
  • [44:45] What do you wish more people knew about milk?
  • [45:49] What do you wish more people knew about biotoxicity?
  • []49:00] What do you wish you knew sooner about healing?
  • [49:36] What do you wish more people knew about starting a business?
  • [50:52] What's your advice on fundraising?
  •  [51:21] What do you wish you knew sooner about developing direct-to-consumer wellness products?
  • [53:15] Are you sensitive to EMFs?
  • [54:01] What are your top 3 tips for Practical Nontoxic Living?
    • Drink clean water
    • Eating clean but supplements too
    • Movement

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