I tried halotherapy at the Montauk Salt Cave, and this is what I learned.

podcast salt self-care Jun 25, 2017


Last summer, in August 2016, I attended my first Kundalini yoga class.

While the introduction to Kundalini yoga was fascinating, my primary goal was to experience WHERE the yoga class was: It was in a salt cave! The Montauk Salt Cave, in the most eastern end of Long Island.

Afterwards, I chatted with the founder of the Montauk Salt Cave, Shannon Coppola, about what motivated her to create a salt cave that's now expanding to a third location, which will be in Manhattan. If you, or someone you care about, suffers from respiratory issues, eczema, Lyme Disease, or anything involving inflammation, then you may be particularly interested in Shannon's story.

Regardless, I think you'll still enjoy this conversation between two moms who have been curious about all the natural remedies that may help our families while posing no harm. Below are podcast show notes. 

-- SRG



Podcast Show Notes

Shannon Coppola, founder of Montauk Salt Cave, is a mother of 3, wife, daughter, friend.

Shannon has two salt caves in Long Island, and her third is coming to Manhattan.

Her son, Oliver, had severe respiratory issues. It was a mystery, trying to figure out what was ailing him. Oliver became the inspiration for Shannon creating her salt caves.

  • By age 4, Oliver couldn't keep food down, he sounded like a baby seal (frequent coughs) that really irritated him. His coughing was every hour, on the hour, all day and all night. A couple years later, at age 6, he still has scars from trying to scratch from the irritability of it.
  • Shannon and her husband did everything they could that might help Oliver: Oliver had his adenoid removed, he was treated with inhalers, nebulizers, nasal sprays, with this and that...
  • Turned out he was allergic to all environmental elements, including animals.
  • They had just adopted pets.
  • Shannon took Oliver to a salt cave in Clifton, NJ, called Salt Cavern, on a Saturday in a December. He was 4 years old, and spent 45 minutes in the salt cave. That night was the first time Oliver slept through the night. They took him back the next day too. He went the rest of the winter without coughing. He didn't get sick either.
  • Her husband has Lyme Disease, and Shannon had eczema. Time in the salt caves helped both of them with related symptoms. Shannon said it's the anti-inflammatory agents of the salt that helps any kind of inflammation.
  • Oliver is 6 1/2 years old at the time of the podcast recording.
  • Shannon says a child's respiratory system isn't fully developed until they are 9 years old. So children can experience benefits from salt caves more quickly.
  • Sound quality became really poor when Shannon talked about benefits she has seen in children with autism spectrum disorder. She admits there's no science, and no cure, but it helps, from her experience.
  • Sole water: Teaspoon of salt with pure water. Drink it every morning.
  • To help with allergies, spend time in a salt cave before allergy season to boost your immune system.
  • Oliver visits the salt cave once a week, except late July/early August, when he comes every day because of local allergies.
  • One 45-minute stay in a salt cave is equal to 4 trips to the beach.
  • The Montauk Salt Cave has 8 tons of salt.
  • Rehabilitation centers bring their clients to the Montauk Salt Cave.
  • Salt Lamps
    • How many salt lamps you need in a bedroom depends on the size of the bedroom
    • Shannon noticed that salt lamps help dust
    • Salt from Pakistan is best
    • To buy a salt lamp that Shannon trusts, you can contact her and she'll ship to you. Or, you can buy from her distributor, Himalayan Salt Cart.
  • Salt baths
    • Shannon uses the course salt for adults because they can be used to exfoliate. But, she uses fine salt for the kids' bath.
  • What kind of salt does Shannon consume? Himalayan pink salt. Not table salt because it's been so processed.


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