Conversation between Sophia Ruan Gushee and Theodora Scarato Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust

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emf detox emf protection products podcast Nov 13, 2020

Podcast producer: Chris Robertson


Have you thought about the radiation from your laptops, cordless phones, WiFi routers, wireless speakers, gaming consoles, and earphones?

Are you overwhelmed by the topic and don't know where to start?

Well, it's an important thing to think about. Especially with more of us more dependent on technology than ever.

In this podcast, you'll hear two informed, down-to-earth moms talk about how we started detoxing EMFs in our homes and with our families.

If you're not familiar with the term EMF, it stands for electromagnetic fields, which is really just energy or radiation. 

In this episode, I talk with Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust, which is an important scientific think-tank that filed a lawsuit against the FCC earlier this year along with another major nonprofit, the Children's Health Defense, which is led by its chairman Robert F. Kennedy Jr. These two nonprofit organizations are urging the FCC to update its wireless regulations to incorporate what science has proven about how our average wireless exposures influence human development, reproductive outcomes, our brain health, and more. These nonprofits, which include world-renowned scientists, as well as others that are named as plaintiffs in these lawsuits, claim that the FCC's standards are based on an understanding that is 24-years old.

To learn more about what the science has learned, listen to Practical Nontoxic Living podcast 24 with the founder of the Environmental Health Trust, Dr. Devra Davis. You'll hear Dr. Davis's simple tips to protect yourself.

In this episode, I speak to Theodora Scarato who works closely with Dr. Davis. As you'll hear in the beginning, this conversation was scheduled to include Dr. Davis but it ended up being just Theodora and I. What I love about this conversation is that you'll hear us two moms talk about our journeys, which will bring comfort to those who have been trying to detox EMFs from their homes or are hoping to start. Avoiding EMFs is challenging so it can be comforting to hear about the experience of others. And I think ours will be very relatable.


Also, please be aware of an excellent resource, which is my new EMF Detox Workbook, which includes checklists to recover from electromagnetic exposure. It lays out many simple things you can do to create recovery periods from EMF exposure. This can optimize your body's opportunity to be resilient. There are also pages for you to take notes from other resources, such as episodes from the Practical Nontoxic Living podcast or the Environmental Health Trust website so that all your EMF information is in this one workbook.

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The EMF Detox Workbook was also reviewed by Dr. Devra Davis as well as Theodora Scarato because we are each passionate about empowering you. Dr. Davis said this about the EMF Detox Workbook:

Sophia Ruan Gushée’s EMF Detox Workbook has done the world a great favor by providing an invaluable resource. Detailing how to enjoy technology and stay safer, this guide provides clear, compelling, concise, and practical strategies to avoid or lessen exposures. Buy, use, and share this workbook with your family, friends, colleagues, and schools. They will thank you.

You can check out the EMF Detox Workbook (paid link) on Amazon.


Back to this episode's guest, Theodora Scarato. More people should know about her and the invaluable work of the Environmental Health Trust. They are science-based advocates of public health and of our most vulnerable, which include the youngest among us and their future.

With a background in social work, Theodora does many things at the EHT. She is lead policy analyst and researcher for the EHT database on international actions, including the protective policies that 20+ nations have implemented to reduce public exposure to cell phones and wireless radiation. This is the most comprehensive collection of information on policy actions on cell phones and wireless. 

Theodora previously worked with EHT as Director of Educational Resources and Public Affairs, developing educational resources for communities and governments.

She has co-founded several organizations both locally and nationally that address environmental health and safety concerns. As a practicing clinical psychotherapist, her two decades of work with children and adolescents include directing an intensive special education therapy program in Montgomery County Schools and working as a psychotherapist at an ADHD clinic. Her research interests include not only the effects of radiation exposure but also the social-emotional effects of technology overuse. 

In this podcast, which was recorded in April 2019, I loved hearing how Theodora, especially as a mom, applies what she knows about EMFs into her life. Because after you know what to do to reduce EMF exposure, applying it into real life is a different challenge. You can hear a lot of Theodora's practical tips at the end of the podcast. And remember that you can watch the video interview in the podcast show notes at In the video, you can sometimes see what Theodora is talking about. In addition, you'll hear us also talk about the social-emotional issues that can be improved from EMF mindfulness.

I hope you find our conversation helpful. Again, if you want to watch this video interview and see podcast show notes including relevant links, they are available on my website at Receive easy reminders to this important information and more by registering for my newsletter by texting "DETOX" to 66866.


  • Different traits of the "slices" of the electromagnetic spectrum that our technology uses, including things like wireless kitchen appliances, wireless laundry machines, WiFi routers, cordless phones, and cell phones
    • Pulsating energy of cell phones
  • Health effects and opportunities to heal. But neither of us are medical professions so please don't interpret anything in this conversation as medical advice. 
  • 5G and global responses to the science with some countries taking precautionary measures to protect children but the United States adopting 5G
  • EMF protection products: complicated to use safely because radiation can get redirected or provide a false sense of safety
  • Experiences
    • Using a meter taught her how much radiation is emitted from the base of her cordless phone
    • Setting limits at home
    • How EMF detox habits are going with her teenagers
  • Tactics of Big Tobacco: link below under Resources


  • Use corded phone (copper line) with a super long cord so that she can move around the house with the phone
  • Use cell phone at a distance
  • Tips for when you use your cell phone in a vehicle
  • Check out the following for wireless emissions:
    • TV
    • Wireless printers
    • Laptops
    • Gaming consoles
  • WiFi router
    • Started by turning WiFi off at night
    • Bought a router with no wireless connectivity
    • Complications with shutting off WiFi router emissions
    • You may be able to buy a wired router that is compatible with your WiFi service provider
  • Earphones
    • Wireless earphones emit radiation
    • Wired earphones: a little radiation emitted but Theodora uses ferrite bead (clip on) to reduce further; airtube headsets are better
  • Ferrite bead: used by engineers to stop the electromagnetic inference; clip on wired earphones

Check out for many helpful resources and to learn more about the science and lawsuit



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