🎾 Tennis, golf, or lunch?

affiliates events Mar 01, 2022

Would you like a comfortable, elegant dress that's designed (and super comfortable) for golf, tennis, or running errands too?

This dress is actually so nice that friends and strangers will be asking you, Where'd you get that dress? I love it! 

If so, then click on the button below to browse the comfortable, functional, and elegant golf and tennis apparel by Hedge New York. You can also save 15% with code ruanliving!

Tennis, Golf, Lunch Dates...

Some of my favorite tennis dresses are by Hedge New York. I have the DUNE RACERBACK DRESS and the DOUGLAS DRESS as well.

When I wear these comfortable, practical dresses, I am in no rush to change out of them as they are also super cute! In the summer, I've worn a Hedge dress for a tennis clinic, then golf with my friends, and it helps me look "dolled up" at lunch even though I had been sweating for hours under the summer sun on a tennis court and/or golf course.

So, it was especially meaningful when the co-founder of Hedge, Meagan Ouderkirk, reached out to invite me to a photoshoot about a new sweater, Love-Love, that was created in collaboration with Lingua Franca, a line of sustainably-sourced, fair trade luxury cashmere sweaters, all hand-stitched by women in NYC.

To read more about the story about Love-Love, below is a paraphrased version of her initial email:

I was recently ice skating out east and noticed your book on the mantle by the fireplace. I was so excited to see your book and read that you are doing such incredible work!
I am writing to you because I have a photoshoot here in NYC to capture our Valentine’s sweater we designed in partnership with Lingua Franca and I would LOVE to photograph the sweater on you! Your message, and especially the fact that you play tennis, makes sense on so many levels.
The Love-Love message on the sweater is referring to the score at the start of the tennis match but means so much more when you think about the message in your book and it also refers to a parent's love for their children.
Delighted to collaborate since I was already a huge fan of Hedge apparel and now I'm a bigger fan of Meagan (she's so lovely, kind, and passionate), I decided to become an affiliate partner too!
This means that I can offer you a 15% discount on your first order. Just use the code ruanliving via the link below. Please note: I earn an affiliate fee if you purchase from my link so thank you if you do!
If you purchase something, please tag me on Instagram @ruanliving with a picture so I can admire you in it! And please also share the compliments that you'll, undoubtedly, receive.💖
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Portrait of a Lady

Meagan also interviewed me for Hedge. It was fun to answer questions that I had never been asked before. To learn a bit more about the role of tennis in my life and read Meagan's interview of me, click on the image below. 

An added bonus for me during this photoshoot was making a flower crown for the first time!

I can't wait to try it again with my daughters!

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