Are EMF Regulations Enough? with Daniel DeBaun of DefenderShield

emf detox emf protection technology Nov 19, 2023

Daniel DeBaun, the founder of DefenderShield, joins Sophia on Practical Nontoxic Living to discuss how to protect our bodies from EMF exposure, whether regulations reflect the most up-to-date science, and what we can learn from the iPhone 12 wireless 2023 violations in France. 

Daniel is an internationally recognized and influential expert in Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and shielding electronic emissions, with a particular focus on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Daniel’s concern regarding the health impact of electronic radiation emissions grew from over 30 years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held a variety of leadership and executive positions at Bell Labs, AT&T, SAIC, and Telcordia.  

[00:02] French iPhone 12 ban and cellphone safety standards. 

  • France has different standards for testing cellphone radiation emissions than the US, with higher limits for exposure to the head.
  • The French government failed to meet safety standards for cellphone radiation due to production variations, potentially impacting 3% of users.

[05:25] iPhone 12 emissions and safety standards in France.

  • Apple updated software to reduce wireless emissions after iPhone 12 failed France's safety tests.
  • Daniel Debaun explains that Apple has different software updates for different countries, including France, due to varying regulatory requirements.
  • Daniel Debaun expresses concern about the quality of software controls for devices being sent worldwide, particularly in France where a random test revealed non-compliance with regulations.
  • Daniel Debaun discusses specific absorption rate (SAR) and its importance in cellphone safety, highlighting differences in absorption between men and women.

[13:27] Cellphone radiation safety standards and non-thermal effects.

  • The US and Europe have different limits for radiofrequency exposure per gram of tissue, with Europe allowing for more variation and averaging.
  • France has a dedicated agency to monitor electromagnetic fields in public spaces, while the US has more liberal testing standards for manufacturers.
  • Sophia highlights the discrepancy between the current cellphone standard and the latest scientific research on non-thermal effects, suggesting that the standard is outdated and may not accurately reflect the potential health risks associated with cellphone use.
  • Daniel Debaun explains that the standard is inaccurate because it only considers thermal effects, while ignoring the well-documented biological impacts of non-thermal exposure, including neurological and physiological effects.

[22:28] Cellphone safety standards and their limitations.

  • Sophia explains that the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a reevaluation of SAR to better assess real-world exposures in children, who are more vulnerable to the effects of radiofrequency radiation.
  • The SAR testing for cell phones only measures one transmitting signal, ignoring the multiple other transmitters on the device.

[26:40] Cellphone radiation safety and FCC standards.

  • Daniel Debaun advises turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular signals to minimize radiation exposure.
  • FCC lost a court case over failure to update safety standards for cell phones.

[31:04] Wireless device safety and quality control.

  • Daniel Debaun emphasizes personal responsibility for managing wireless device emissions.
  • Daniel Debaun emphasizes the likelihood of manufacturing control problems in electronics, not just the iPhone 12.
  • Daniel Debaun acknowledges potential quality control issues in manufacturing, particularly with Bluetooth functionality.

[38:01] EMF protection tips and the impact of 5G technology on human health.

  • Daniel Debaun emphasizes the importance of taking control of one's own destiny and making decisions about technologies in one's environment.
  • Sophia uses the analogy of an ocean of waves to help listeners understand the concept of electromagnetic fields and the density of wireless radiation in our daily lives.
  • Daniel Debaun compares EMF exposure to sledgehammers, highlighting potential harm to human cells.

[43:40] EMF protection tips and the importance of distance, duration, and shielding devices.

  • Daniel Debaun identifies electromagnetic radiation as the number one worst exposure, affecting the body's membranes and immune system.
  • Daniel Debaun provides five EMF protection tips, including removing sources of EMFs, using shielding devices, and turning off devices when not in use.
  • Distance and duration are key factors in reducing the potential health risks of cellphone use. Keeping the device at least 10 feet away from the body and limiting use to short periods can significantly reduce exposure to harmful radiation.
  • Daniel Debaun discusses the dangers of wireless radiation and how their shielding technology can help protect against it.

[51:23] Protecting the human body from electromagnetic radiation.

  • Daniel Debaun discusses their company's focus on creating products to protect the human body from the negative effects of technology, including blue light exposure and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
  • Daniel Debaun highlights their collaboration with a successful formulator in the industry to develop supplements that address these issues, with a focus on the inside and outside of the body.
  • Removing stressors, such as blue light, can help repair damaged cells and reduce inflammation.

[57:22] Reducing exposure to toxins and improving health.

  • Reversing sensitivities and recovering from exposures through diet, sleep, and supplements
  • Daniel Debaun shares their experience with reducing inflammation and improving eyesight through dietary changes and supplements, including omega-3s and probiotics.
  • Sophia asks about protecting against radiation from cellphones during outdoor activities, and Daniel Debaun mentions using Defender Shield pouches as a solution.
  • Daniel Debaun emphasizes the importance of understanding the long-term effects of toxins in our environment

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