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As the leader of a global fitness brand, and a father of two young kids, healthy living is top of mind, always. If you’re worried about how technology and toxins are affecting your family, Sophia Ruan Gushée’s Detox Deep Dive series provides the tools and solutions you need. Her Home Detox Workbook shares simple ways to enjoy life with fewer toxic chemicals and heavy metals, and her EMF Detox Workbook is must-read as it empowers us with practical strategies to reduce radiation exposure from our technology. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Sophia has helped me understand so much about what ‘wellness’ really means and how important it is to apply it to our homes. This Home Detox Workbook makes the process of detoxing your space accessible and enjoyable. Everyone can benefit in some way from reading and implementing Sophia’s wisdom in their home.

I just finished reading the Home Detox Workbook. I love how the steps are organized and easy to follow. This is such a valuable resource, I can’t wait to recommend it to all my clients.

The Home Detox Workbook is a practical, valuable guide to increasing the health of your sacred personal living space, which is critical to elevating your total overall wellness.

As a mother of young children, I needed help understanding the products we use within our home and on our bodies. This Home Detox Workbook is an exceptional guide for anyone looking for a quick cheat sheet of tangible changes for a healthier home.

Often, simple, cost-free, mindful changes to our daily habits and how we use our electrical devices can produce many noticeable benefits. If you follow the steps of Sophia Ruan Gushée's EMF Detox Workbook, with a calm and persistent plan, you may notice results within weeks, if not sooner.

I was lucky to have a consultation with Sophia right after my lung cancer diagnosis and surgery. She helped detoxify my home so I could heal. I will forever be thankful for her guidance and expertise. Now, the Home Detox Workbook makes it even easier for more people to live in a healthier home.

It is not easy for women's hormones these days and one of the biggest culprits stems from exposure to endocrine disruptive chemicals. It can feel overwhelming on how to get started, but Sophia's new Home Detox Workbook is a fantastic and practical tool to make this so easy to do!  In a series of concise checklists, you will work quickly through each aspect of your environment and detox your home and your health.  It's a must-have guide.

Sophia’s EMF Detox Workbook is practical and user-friendly. As a busy mom, it gave me a quick overview and education of risks and hot spots that exist within our home. I found the tips and suggestions easy to incorporate and helped reduce a lot of stress and anxiety I had about wanting to minimize our family’s exposure to EMFs but not knowing where to start. An outstanding guide for anyone looking to make tangible changes with minimal disruption and stress.

I am proud to know someone who has compassion and generous concern for her community by providing this accessible and invaluable EMF Detox Workbook. Please read it, practice it, benefit from it, and then pay-it-forward to give back to your extended family and community.

This well informed offering that Sophia gives us helps to bring awareness to issues we may not collectively be able to feel the effects of yet but will be a forefront of wellness in the years to come, and because of that I say she is ahead of her time.

Sophia Ruan Gushée’s EMF Detox Workbook has done the world a great favor by providing an invaluable resource. Detailing how to enjoy technology and stay safer, this guide provides clear, compelling, concise, and practical strategies to avoid or lessen exposures. Buy, use, and share this workbook with your family, friends, colleagues, and schools. They will thank you.

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