The 40-Day Home Detox


Tribe Program

transform with community
  • 4 group sessions
  • 25+ videos
  • 6 masterclasses 
  • 10 workbooks (printed & editable PDFs)
  • Nontoxic shopping resources
  • 16 home scavenger hunts
  • Private community forum for inspiration and support


$3,172 VALUE



Whether you have less than 5 minutes a day or much more, Sophia will position you for success. Obviously, the more time and effort you invest, the more benefits you enjoy. However, even 5 minutes a day is better than remaining uninformed!

In an ideal scenario, you get to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours to edit the things in your home.

Each day you will receive a short video or audio, and an email detailing that day's challenge. These will correlate with activities in your workbooks provided. Spend as much time as you can! 

How much time is needed is hard to generalize since the size of our homes and how much stuff we have varies greatly. For example, someone who lives in a small studio apartment won’t need to spend as much time on this.

However, someone who lives in a larger home with children living at home will have more space and products that could be detoxed.

Again, your benefits will depend on your efforts. But, spending even minimal amounts of time will raise your awareness, and small changes can lead to big ones.

Within the Tribe option, Sophia leads four group calls throughout the 40-Day program. They will provide explanation and insight on some of the most common Household Repeat Offenders, provide opportunity for personalized Q&A, and foster community.

For the Dive option, Sophia leads four private coaching sessions. The content will be structured around the 40-Day Program curriculum, but provide ample time to answer your personal questions. This is the perfect option to those who have many questions, and want personalized attention and time to dive deep into the solutions.

The Bespoke Options offers you a truly personalized experience and can include an assessment of your goals, lifestyle, and concerns. Sophia can also help you identify safer products and create a custom nontoxic lifestyle roadmap. If you would like biotoxicity tests to customize your detox plan further, then that is an additional service that Sophia can help you with

Everyone would benefit from the this experience! No matter how "clean" you eat, or what "clean" beauty products you use, this program transforms your home, and educates on habit and product tweaks that will help reduce your toxic exposures over time. Additionally, you grow a "common sense" intuition of what products might contain toxic ingredients, so you don't have to waste time poring over the ingredient labels when shopping! You gain a peace of mind.


No problem! You will have a full 20 days of access after the program ends, so you’ll have plenty of time to prioritize and make the changes that matter most to you. 

Why do I get only 20 extra days? We think that parameters that force you to prioritize your schedule for this program will serve you best. With too much time, you may never make time for this program. We want to help you change your life, which requires your commitment.

For all packages, you also receive at least 6 months of access to the D-Tox Academy (plenty of time to brush up on those resources!)

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