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Sophia Ruan Gushée

Detox Your Home for Healing Spaces


Sophia Ruan Gushée is the critically-acclaimed author of A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures. She and her healthy living expertise have been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, MindBodyGreen, AOL Lifestyle, Reader's Digest, Family Circle, and Well+Good. She is also a member of the exclusive Well + Good Council.

Connect with us about engaging Sophia as a speaker or for private appointments. She advises individuals and groups on the detox of your diet, cleaning approach, self-care, interior design (for healthier interior furnishings), electromagnetic fields, children's stuff, technology, office space, schools, and renovations. She leaves audiences empowered, engaged, inspired, and more curious.

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Home Detox

Manhattan, 2019

Manhattan, 2019


Sophia is a popular public speaker for her practical nontoxic living expertise. At her most recent event in 2019, the co-founders of Say Hello Wellness, Sarah Osman and Jenna Sands, had this to say about engaging Sophia for their Manhattan wellness event:

Sophia was an excellent speaker at our event! She was nothing but professional, well-prepared, and extremely knowledgable, which is hard to find! Her unique perspective added so much value on our panel and complemented our other speakers perfectly. She was eloquent and so well received by our audience. We can't recommend Sophia more and any event would be lucky to have her!


Work Space Detox

Manhattan, 2018

Manhattan, 2018

As a preeminent nontoxic living expert, Sophia can help organizations in several ways. For companies that like to boost employee health and morale, hire Sophia to empower employees with practical ways to detox their homes and habits.

For companies that are designing or redesigning space, hire Sophia to create healthier spaces that can also encourage creativity and productivity.

For businesses that would like to attract a health-conscious audience, engage Sophia to create an interesting event in your space. The organizer of the above event was inspired to create the event after her personal consultation with Sophia:

Sophia is a breath of life. Dealing with chronic migraines, brain fog and other sensitivities, Sophia helped me break down the vast array of elements polluting my environment. Through a series of changes, some big and some small, I was able to create a much more clean and toxic free environment. The changes have improved my symptoms substantially and I am forever grateful to Sophia. With her help I have been able to resume a more balanced life and her tips have positively influenced not only my personal life but I have also incorporated many of these practices into my professional life.