Do you want to detox your lifestyle, but you don't know where to start? 

Then you're in the perfect place. 

Nontoxic lifestyle expert, Sophia Ruan Gushée, and her team are here to help you step-by-step to optimize your living and wellbeing. For you and your loved ones. 

Please find our detox options below. Each detox will include an intake evaluation so our team can assess your current situation, household products, and knowledge. Afterwards, you will receive a roadmap (including product suggestions), and a 30-minute call to discuss the recommended detox plan and the implementation of these lifestyle shifts.  


  1. Assess your stuff

  2. Evaluate your habits

  3. Categorize what brings you joy

  4. Categorize what you need

  5. Categorize what you can discard

  6. Examine category 4 above (what you need) to identify opportunities to detox the chronic sources of toxic exposures

  7. Create a practical plan for you to continue tweaking your way to a healthier home and body

  8. Gift you an online workshop to support you even after your consultation


Interested in a service that you don't see below? Then please email us for a service that's off-the-menu!  

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Get Started Detox

Sophia can simplify nontoxic living for you if you are brand new to the topic, or if you have been detoxing aspects of their life (like cleaning and beauty), but want to know what more you can do. Sophia will work with you to a plan full of opportunities you won’t mind pursuing.



Interior Detox

Did you move into a new home, or are you redesigning a room? Interior furnishings—carpets, furniture, paints, and more—are often major sources of indoor pollution. Engage Sophia to advise you on healthier choices to create a healthier indoor environment.



EMF Detox

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are emitted from our wireless and wired technologies. Since the iPhone was released in 2007, we have never before been surrounded by so much artificially created EMFs—night and day.

Studying how to protect her children, Sophia identified the simple opportunities that she could pursue to reduce her and her family’s EMF exposures. Reach out to get supported in your efforts.



Pregnancy Detox

During this important time for your developing baby, you can be supported by Sophia’s expertise in practical nontoxic living. At a pace that’s comfortable for you, Sophia can help you detox your diet, habits, personal care, cleaning products, nursery, and baby preparations.