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As I have detoxed my home and incorporated design ideas that are not only beautiful but also promote healing, many people—my husband, kids, our guests, and I—have noticed how restorative my home is. People in our space feel more relaxed, content, and they sleep better.

I believe you can also incorporate simple tweaks to transform your home into a healing space. This can provide you with more resiliency to be your best for what you cannot control.




Let us help you improve the quality of your indoor environment

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The first step to creating a healing space is to detox it of unnecessary toxic exposures—toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and electromagnetic fields. This will reduce your body burden (your body's lifetime storage of chemicals), and give your body more opportunity to repair and restore. Toxic exposures can participate in your biochemistry, and impede it from functioning at its optimal state. With Sophia's detox workshops, you can improve factors that support:

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Enhanced energy

  • Boosted immunity

  • More favorable conditions for fertility

  • Cleaner breastmilk

  • A lifestyle that supports disease prevention

  • Conditions that can alleviate allergies, asthma, and eczema

  • Less mental fogginess, clearer focus, and fewer chronic headaches

  • A lower body burden



  • 10+ years of research, curated into 5 "high-impact" modules

  • Engaging micro-lessons to support learners-on-the-go; including videos, text, & audio files

  • Personalized, printable checklists to help you hack exposures in your own home

  • Video "glossary" of key terms

  • Group Q&A

  • Lifetime access




21 day digital detox

Sensible tips to detox your EMF exposures


This is an excellent workshop for those who are already concerned about the radiation from their cellphones, and who know that there are other household devices and appliances that also create radiation.


Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) describe energy that is emitted from both natural and man-made sources. The creation of EMFs from man-made sources (think: cell phones, laptops, high-tech speakers and appliances) is unparalleled. This relatively new chaos of energy waves can be stressful for some biological processes and development (especially for children).

EMF Detox walks you through an edit of your home and habits to help you identify tweaks you won't mind making to hack your unnecessary EMF exposures. Detox Your EMFs was designed to help you in as little time as possible.



  • 21 micro-lessons

  • 21 checklists for each lesson

  • Each lesson takes less than 5 minutes a day

  • Personalized help from Sophia and her team

  • Community support

  • Access to a database of related scientific studies

  • Lifetime access