My passion for helping employees find simple tweaks to optimize their health, family, home, and wellbeing comes from my desire to help my younger self. I loved my career in corporate America. However, the challenge of learning practical ways to create a healthy foundation for my family was one reason I left my prior career in investment management, which I loved.
— Sophia Ruan Gushée
“We invited Sophia to come speak with our employees on detoxing because we know it’s a topic that’s top-of-mind for many. Her session was informative and engaging and helped provide perspective and practical tips on how easily we can all choose to live non-toxic lifestyles. I would highly recommend Sophia for anyone who wants to learn more about your toxic exposures and how to deal with them.”
— Jing Yang, chair of the Mindfulness Network at BlackRock

Inquire about corporate wellness services

Engage Sophia to lead a one-hour talk or a series of talks. Click here to learn more: Contact Us.

Packages can include all or a portion of the below:

- Hard copy of her book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Our Toxic Exposures

- Weekly emails with simple health tips to support the selected topic(s)

- Spots in Sophia’s online D-Tox Academy

- Specified # hours to be available for private consultations with employees

Examples of topics:

- 10 simple healthy living tips

- Detox your diet and enhance how food can serve your brain and body

- Detox your cleaning

- Detox your personal care products / morning routine and healthier self-care routines

- Detox your sleep and bedroom

- How to incorporate essential oils (cleaning, self-care, pest management?)

- Healthy technology habits (considering EMFs, sleep quality, social emotional wellness, physical therapy exercises to counter the strain on "text neck," wrists/arms/back from prolonged tech use)

- What you should know about gut health (protect and nurture your microbiome)

- How to make home a healing space

- Detox for pregnancy and fertility

- Detox your nursery

- Detox children's stuff

- Detox your playroom

- Detox your renovation

- Detox intro or detox intermediate packages